The Omega Conflict

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<div class="IPBDescription">Part 1</div> THis is a bit of a different kind of NS story. Let me know if youl ike it and I'll write more.

Captain John Kellis stood on the bridge of his ship, the TSA Merit and looked out of the main window into the inky blackness of space. The Merit had been attacked by pirates just a few days ago and now they were en route to TSA outpost that had a repair station. A brown, dark planet slowly came in to view as the Merit approached.

“T-Minus 5 minutes to atmospheric entry Captain. Ackbar base says that we're all clear to touch down, but we're going to be hitting a dust storm on approach.”

“Thanks, tell them we'll be there shortly,” Captain Kellis replied. John tried to rub the fatigue out of his eyes that had accumulated over the last couple of days, but it was no use. He would just need to get some real sleep...if that could ever happen.

The Merit entered the planet's atmosphere with a shudder, as the sudden decceleration caused the ship to shake violently. If the ship didn't fall apart at the seams, he was going to buy the crew a round on him, John thought to himself.The Merit managed to hold together and they even made it through the dust storm and touched down on a landing pad at Ackbar base. The crew breathed a cumulative sigh of relief knowing that they were going to get some much deserved R-and-R. The captain walked down to the loaidng deck and prepared to disembark and meet the basemaster. The loading door opened with a pressurized hiss and John breathed in the musty air as he made his way towards the door. He went up to the control panel to the left of the door and swiped his ID card and scanned his fingerprints. The screen read “ACCESS GRANTED” and the door slid open with a hiss.

What John found on the other side of the door stunned him. Standing behind the door were two Heavy Marines and one Seargeant Mackerson pointing a pistol right between his eyes.

“So nice of you to stop by John.” Mackerson said.

“What the hell is going here Mackerson, put that gun away”

“No can do pops. See, you've just unknowingly brought me the data and samples for the Tacitella-B virus. Thanks a bunch, you're a real life-saver. Or killer, depends on how you look at it...”

“So that's it? It's going to be like this? If you let me go Mackerson, I won't hurt you.”

Mackerson only smiled as he punched John in the stomach causing a trickle of blood to come out of his mouth. The Heavy Marines siezed John and dragged him away to the holding cells on the B level.

“Command? This is Mackerson. Captain Kellis' ship is outside. I want you to send down some heavies and secure it. Do not harm the crew. If any try to escape, bring them to me.”

Mackerson clicked off his communicator and strode off through the dark corridors.



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    OmG Mackerson is teh Traitor!!

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    Nice start. I never knew Heavy Marines could be scary. I was sitting there imagining how imposing they'd be (standing about a foot or two taller than you) when I realised that the story kinda assumes that the reader knows how big an HA Marine is.

    Might be worth adding in description, might be better to leave it to the average NSPlayer to picture, that decision's up to you, really.
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    I am kind of confused. This part starts abruptly and ends abruptly. Not much is explained except for Mackerson wanting a virus. hope more can be explained in later parts of the story. i would also like to see moren of what the characters r thinking.
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