Abandoned Part 7

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The engine whirred as the last of the marines buckled themselves to the seating in the ship. The Lts stood grasping a belt like strap hanging from the ceiling. This was only one of the ships going down. Nadair sat upon Marks lap looking about curiously through the windows at the other large transport ships. They were very bulky and held up to 200 marines in each. Marks hands firmly held nadir onto his lap to make sure he didnt venture far, most likely for his safety when the ship started.

Nadair looked around at all the marines, many were tightening their armour and boot buckles, others rearranging their helmets and gloves, many didnt seem at all bothered about their mission, as Nadair couldn't sense any agitation or fear from barely any of them, only the very few which came on the rescue mission last time showed any signs of concern. Nadair himself was worried and scared out of his carapace, he knew the kharaa had tagged him as a bad egg, but he was part of this team and it was his duty to do his job along with the rest of the marines in the regiment.

What had seemed like an hour of the engines gently running, the flight commanders on ground gave the all go and the ships engines went from a slow calm whir to a sudden loud growl as the energy was pumped up to them, the ship seemed to rattle gently from the immense power of the engines. The docking room was cleared as the ships began to move towards the rear door, which now began to open slowly. There were 4 transport ships in a line ready to take off, the door finally nestled into the groove in the ceiling and the only thing left was a faint looking red window into the dark space, the protection visor to keep the air inside the ship yet allowes ships to drive through it. The Dock filled with noise as all the transport ships toned up the power again for take off, every ship lunged forwards and seemed to break the sound barrier from just taking off. In less than a second the ships flew through the red barrier and were now setting course to planet Nethius. Nadair looked out at Mothership Envious then his eyes switched towards planet Nethius, which glowed a pinkish purple with tones of green and blue. It was a beautiful planet to see with all the unusual colours swirled about the place.

Mark loosened his grip on Nadair as they soured through space, the pilot then yelled towards Simmons "8 minutes until we enter the Planets atmosphere" Simmons nodded in approval and looked at his team, "Alright, our mission is to secure the perimeter around the station complex, the radius of 5 kilometers all around. We have to destroy all kharaa in this radius, they wouldnt have gotten too far in 38 hours if they escaped the complex, we will split our teams in groups of 12. Everyone covers everyone, four of the teams will have 20 in each and will be securing the bP33's around the station perimeter. Am i clear!"

"SIR YES SIR" the room echoed. Mark turned to the marine next to him.
"so whats the BP33?" he asked
"BP33, its the Barrier poles, you spike them in the ground around whatever you want to confine and then turn em on and it produces a dome like cage to keep things inside to prevent them going anywhere else"
"if it keeps things in, how would we get in and out"
"oh theyre specially made to have certain poles have a trigger to create a door, a marine only needs a control to open and close it", mark nodded and looked over at the pilot room.

"30 second until we enter the atmosphere" the pilot called out, "get ready!" Simmons yelled as he tightened his grip on the dangling belt strap. The ship began to rattle more and more as it neared the atmosphere, the clouds seemed to give way as the ship entered the planet with great speed, the walls rattled angrily with pressure then slowly eased down as they passed through and set course to the station. Nadair looked out and could see the giant flying whales a few kilometers off, even being so far away they were huge. The clouds glowed a pinkish purple and the sky was a faint pink/blue. The ship flew silently through the sky and gently turned towards the station, Nadair could see the lovely green grass, the greenest thing he had ever seen, and strange creatures running away.

Finally the ship slowed and settled down onto the grass, "gear up and get out!" Simmons commanded, The musical of belts unclipping and footsteps, hmgs and lmgs safetey clips turned off and being reloaded lasted barely a minute and all marines lined up outside the ship, with the restof the marines from the other transport ships. "ALRIGHT team up groups of 12, 4 groups team up in groups of 20 and come grab the BP33's" Simmons called, his regiment yelled in approval and got to work as the other regiment began to go inside the station to secure entrance/exit routes.

Nadair ran after mark and his group as they set off to do their 5 kilometer perimeter scan, stopping to smell the grass and dirt, it had an unusually sweet refreshing smell. Different compared to the laboratory station and mothership, more real and natural which gave him a relaxing feeling. He couldnt help but roll in the grass with frenzy and dance about, the excitement of this new environment was too much for the gorge as he jumped up and called in excitement, catching the marines attention with surprise and curiosity.

"whats that thing doing? has it been bitten?" a marine asked sarcastically.
"Dunno, i think hes just really excited to be on grass" Mark grinned.
Nadair ran about as fast as he could about the marines, doing commando rolls and digging his claws into the grass, feeling the dampness and tickling from the dirt and strands of grass, he stopped to sniff at flowers and ripped them out and threw them around playfully and tasted the grass. The marines couldnt help but watch in amusement as they tried to do their mission, Nadair finally calmed down and started to chase a strange looking creature which fluttered about fraily in the air. The team walked slowly as they scanned the place carefully for any signs of kharaa, the trees twisted in an unusual shape, like swirling straws and twisted icecream, the leaves were unusal shapes and sizes. some fern leaves were bigger than the marines,
"Unusual plantlife here aye?" a marine said, the other marines nodded and seemed to study the plants and insects as they did their scan. A marine scanned up into the canopy and caught sight of something jumping across the trees, "canopy" he called as he crouched quickly his gun pointed towards the sky.

The group silenced and crouched as they all scanned the tree tops carefully, "there" a marine whispered as a creature seems to run along a branch only meters from them, Nadair looked over to where they pointed and caught sight of the skulk gnawing on what looked like a rat of somesort, a marine targeted the skulk carefully and fired a burst at the skulks head, it had no time to react as it died instantly from precise head shots. falling a great 30 meters into the scrub. "check its dead sam" The group leader said, A marine nodded and ran to where the skulk had fallen, minutes after he dissapeared in teh scrub he returned holding the dead skulk by its hindleg like a dead rabbit, "dead as dead can be" he replied happily, "aaight," the leader said chucking a bottle to the marine.
"demoleculizer, will do a quick job of ridding its body" he said to the marine. Sam wasted no time opening the bottle and dropping 3 drops onto the skulk carcass, the boddy seemed to dissapear quickly as the acid did its work. The team moved on and scanned the perimeter carefully.

After a few good hours the team had found and killed 8 skulks 2 km from the site, nothing else seemed to be around past 3 km.
"We'll take a 40 min break here have a snack and then keep going" the leader called out to his group, the team stopped at a clearing under some trees and sat down, the pack carrier took off a large bag from his back and unzipped it
"whos hungry!?" he called as he pulled out boxes of sandwiches and coffee mugs. Everyone called out in agreement as the marine handed out assorted sandwiches and poured some coffee into the mugs for each marine. Nadair protested about him missing out, The marine smiled "dont worry we didnt forget ya" he said as he unwrapped an egg and lettuce sandwich and layed it down for nadair to eat before he sat down under a tree to chat with the other marines about their surroundings and a possible home on the planet. Nadair finished up his sandwhich and looked over at Mark who was happily chatting and laughing with the rest of the team, he grinned glad that Mark had some friends to talk with. He gazed up the tree trunks to the canopy of the trees and watched as the gentle breeze caressed the green leaves, making them quiver and sway, letting the light flicker through the gaps playfully. It was a very nice warm temperature, not to hot or cold.

Nadair decided to roll around in the grass as he waited, it smelt so lovely and felt really nice along his skin, he rolled a few times before resting on his back comfortable and closed his eyes, enjoying the peaceful warm day in the shade. It felt like only a few minutes when he felt someone stand just before his head.
"What are you?" something asked, surprised Nadair opened his eyes to come face to face with two large eyes and a strange looking nose, quickly he rolled onto his stomach and looked up at the creature "What are you!?" he yelled in great surprise. The creature looked at him rather curiously and gave a slight grin "I asked you first" he called mockingly, Nadair shook his head and looked about for any more of this thing, "Im Nadair, I'm a gorge" he replied hesitantly as he studied the strange creature.

Its face somewhat thin, with large wide eyes, funny horns poked out between two long wide ears and a strange looking nose sat on its neck which was long and thin nestled between two broad shoulders. What was stranger ws its legs were long and had only two toes, its coats was yellow and patterend with blue markings,a mane ran down its neck and spine to its tail that was long with a long tuft of cream fur at the end. "I am Bourto, Im a Sphentis" the thing replied, aware Nadair was shocked at his appearance.
"Beautiful arent I?" it said as it posed infront of nadair. "er... I was going to say strange looking, but whatever suits you" Nadair replied still in a state of surprise, he trotted under the creatures belly and arounds its feet "how do you walk with such long and strange legs" he asked. "Like this" the creature said as it jumped over Nadair and walked about with one leg infront of the other in a lanky yet controlled manner. The marines attention went to the strange Sphentis as they heard its strange hooting and mewing, and they looked over in surprise and wonder calling out in curiosity, Nadair grinned and ran after the Sphentis "is there lots like you?" he asked as he tried to keep up, "many!" it replied as its feet quickened into a lope, racing Nadair in small circles around a tree stump, "where are they?" Nadair asked as he panted after Bourto, "past the trees in the Montiei gorge, I went to explore the strange loud sounds" he responded as he suddenly turned infront of nadair and stopped, lowering his long neck to let his eyes level with Nadairs.

"Was the noises from you?" he replied, Nadair nodded "not me, the marines over there. We are trying to destroy those simaler of my kind before they destroy everything on this planet", the Sphentis gave his attentiont o the marines and studied them "Marines you say?" he replied looking down at the gorge and then the marines, his ears forward in curiosity. "Marines, theyre rather nice, they wont hurt you" Nadair responded. "Can they understand us?" the Sphentis asked, Nadair shook his head "I have tried, they dont seem to understand our levels of language, they apparently only hear barks and howls".

The Sphentis looked over and began to walk carefully at the marines which now called in surprise and uncertainty as the creature walked towards them and began to sniff the bags and guns strewn along the ground. Nadair couldnt help but grin at the reactions of the marines over a new looking creature, they werent sure wether to stay or run. The sphentis walked over the marines and sniffed one of them "why do they have brown grass on their heads?" it asked, Nadair couldnt help but laugh and then replied "its their mane, its just alot finer I guess" he chuckled. The Sphentis nibbled at the marines hair, to his surprised the marine yelped and jumped away in surprise, "funny things arent they" the Sphentis repsonded.

Nadair began to nod and then heard a strange call from far away, "what was that?" Nadair asked as the Sphentis began to head towards the sound, "The leader has called out, something is attacking them.. I must go!" the sphentis called, Nadair wanted to help and yelled out to the marines and ran after the Sphentis in the trees, the marines grabbed their weapons and bags then chased after Nadair, The scrub grew thicker as Nadair tried to follow the Sphentis in the trees suddenly he caught up and watched as the Sphentis leapt over the edge of a cliff, Nadair called our in surprise and ran to the edge and looked down. Spotting a black monster attacking the Sphentis with great speed. The marines finally caught up to spot the black creature, "FADE!" a marine yelled as he loaded his HMG, all the marines loaded and aimed at the fade firing instantly as the fade quickly blinked around the place, noticing the marines on the top of the cliff it roared in anger and lost interest in killing the Sphentis herd, quickly it dodged about and then seemed to float through the air as it closed in towards the marines. A marine pulled out a Grenade lancher and then fired a round at the fade, it flew through the air into the fades chest and exploded, causing the fade to do the same and spray into pieces in midair, the remaining half its body fell to the ground with a loud thwock.

"How did you know what it was?" Mark asked surprised, even he didnt know what it was.
"fought the kharaa on another planet, you get to knew these things. Theres one worse tho, I have never seen it, but they call it an Onos" the marine replied as he flicked the safety back on the Grenade Launcher and swung it over his shoulder. A marine climbed down holding the bottle of demoleculizer and did his job as the marines went back to duty and scanned the area for any more kharaa. The Sphentis in the gorge looked out at the marines from the cover of trees and began to walk off into the depths of the forest, Nadair seen Bourto standing infront of the trees in the clearing, he called out a thankyou to Nadair and his Marine friends for their help, then followed the Sphentis herd into the forest. Nadair smiled to himself and turned to follow mark and find more of the kharaa, it was obvious the kharaa were trying to remove all species of this planet to make it their own. Most likely a safety precaution so nothing else will try to hurt or destroy them. Nadair knew, not all kharaa would be like this, but these ones were.. Not every kharaa community is good, its like humans, Nadair knew kharaa and humans had so much in common, but marines couldnt see that yet...


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    i think Mark's role has changed slightly. He has gone from like a mentor to a friend for Nadair. Thats my opinion. the action is good but could be better.

    what was interesting in this chapter is that you add a new species. thats what I like about your writing. you stand out from other people, in terms of perspective and ideas.
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    yeaaaa The fade went BOOM!!!

    awww Nadair is soo cute!!

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    <!--QuoteBegin-BadMouth+Jul 22 2005, 11:48 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td><b>QUOTE</b> (BadMouth @ Jul 22 2005, 11:48 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> i think Mark's role has changed slightly. He has gone from like a mentor to a friend for Nadair. Thats my opinion. the action is good but could be better.

    what was interesting in this chapter is that you add a new species. thats what I like about your writing. you stand out from other people, in terms of perspective and ideas. <!--QuoteEnd--> </td></tr></table><div class='postcolor'> <!--QuoteEEnd-->
    yeah mark is more a friend to nadair in a sence, mark was never really a mentor. I tried not to put too much action into this chapter, there will be more in future ones. cant make every chapter the same <!--emo&:)--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/smile-fix.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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    Everytime I finish a chapter I'm sad because I have to wait for the next <!--emo&:p--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/tounge.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tounge.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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