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<div class="IPBDescription">Compact R12a</div> <img src='http://www.hosting.nsagames.com/drfuzzy/ns/models/r12a/r12as.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

Removed the stock, added rack for shells, shortened barrel slightly, made the frame a bit skinnier, and increashed the shroud size to cover the majority of the barrel. I made the skin black and included a black shroud skin. The default r12a skin will work with this if you want the green still (peewees too) and vice versa.

<!--QuoteBegin-Credits+--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td><b>QUOTE</b> (Credits)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin-->Model, skin, and UV map: Brigader Wolf
Animations, tweaks, compile, and shell hackage: DR.FUZZY!
Peewees: DR.FUZZY!
Sounds: Unknown
M3 Shorty hacked parts credits:

Serbu Super Shorty: For CS 1.6 Recompile By #sk187 De@dMe@t.
Model & Skin = ope
Animationen = [ALLS]QMan & CS Beta 7.0
Compile = De@dMe@t a.k.a DMz

=====================================================<!--QuoteEnd--></td></tr></table><div class='postcolor'><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<a href='http://www.hosting.nsagames.com/drfuzzy/ns/models/r12a/r12as.rar' target='_blank'><img src='http://drfuzzy.nsarmslab.com/pic/download.gif' border='0' alt='user posted image' /></a>

Yes, I asked for permission <!--emo&:p--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/tounge.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tounge.gif' /><!--endemo-->


  • De_StijlDe_Stijl Join Date: 2005-03-15 Member: 45386Members
    something'se odd about it. I just can't pinpoint it. Gah, i dunno.

    good lookin anyway.
  • sargeysargey Join Date: 2005-06-07 Member: 53325Members, Constellation
    Very good! once again you have made me happy drfuzzy. <!--emo&:D--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/biggrin-fix.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
  • DogmeatDogmeat Join Date: 2003-02-15 Member: 13571Members
    Very good job! And you also made the p&w models! GJ!
  • RatonetwothreetwooneRatonetwothreetwoone Join Date: 2004-03-23 Member: 27504Members
    love the model but stop adding that rediculous smoke <!--emo&:angry:--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/mad-fix.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='mad-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
  • ThatamosThatamos Join Date: 2004-11-05 Member: 32643Members
    omg in jhlmv it didn't have the smoke! It was perfecT!! please oh please, release a version without the smoke......god I've gone to petty begging -_-
  • ClashenClashen Join Date: 2003-08-22 Member: 20087Members
    decompile it and remove it yourself, it's not that hard.
  • nogoodnicknamenogoodnickname Join Date: 2005-03-23 Member: 46172Members
    its damn cool, too sad i removed ns
  • BrigadierWolfBrigadierWolf Join Date: 2003-05-30 Member: 16876Members, Contributor
    edited July 2005
    Hmm. One suggestion. If youre going to make it black, Dont just desaturate the texture, Put some effort into it. what youve gotta do is change the Hue of the green areas to more of a Bluish Purple, then gradually decrease the saturation, decrease some of the brightness (Not too much) and increase the contrast by a bit. This way you retain the color contrasts instead of loosing them and only having black and white.
    A good example of why you would do this is with the barrel shroud. I used alot of brown and some blue on the silver areas so that I could get contrast without having to rely purely on highlights and shadows, If you desturate it, you lose the color information, and thus any contrast.

    Also, If you desaturate it, you should probably leave the areas like the logos and markings colored, and theyre supposed to be painted on, and really just look like **** in grey.
  • xxxacexxxxxxacexxx Join Date: 2004-11-13 Member: 32765Members, Constellation
    <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>WOW</span> <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>HOT</span></span>
  • Invader_ScootInvader_Scoot Join Date: 2003-10-13 Member: 21669Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow
    <a href='http://www.nsarmslab.com/flash/fileinfo.php?id=541' target='_blank'>Added to NSArmslab.com</a>.
  • DrfuzzyDrfuzzy FEW... MORE.... INCHES... Join Date: 2003-09-21 Member: 21094Members
    I didnt just desaturate, I hued it a bit gradually. I just forgot to deselect the arrow so it stays red lol
  • KenKen Join Date: 2004-10-06 Member: 32109Members
    First of all VERRY NICE Drfuzzy and second leave the smoke id ads more realism i think verry nice!!!And are you gonne make matching guns for that <!--emo&;)--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/wink-fix.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
  • RatonetwothreetwooneRatonetwothreetwoone Join Date: 2004-03-23 Member: 27504Members
    brig might.... >_>
  • DrfuzzyDrfuzzy FEW... MORE.... INCHES... Join Date: 2003-09-21 Member: 21094Members
    I did make a compact foxtrot rifle w/o the underbarrel attachments and shorter handgaurd, but I never released cause I figured brig was still going to release his non-flashlight/gl version later. I might ask him if I can release it if I ever get to reanimating it since the default anims dont fit something that short <!--emo&:p--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/tounge.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tounge.gif' /><!--endemo-->
  • -Drake--Drake- -dn ʎɐʍ sıɥʇ- Join Date: 2003-04-02 Member: 15125Members
    if i still played ns i'd actully use this

    nice to see everyones still working away
  • funbagsfunbags Join Date: 2003-06-08 Member: 17099Members
    too much slant in the pistol grip.

    just my drunken input.
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