The Stranger

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just a seperate story, nothing to do with my series story, instead just a short i had come up in my head <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->


Running swiftly through the vents a frail looking skulk loped gently along the surface of the vent, its claws barely piercing the rough thin walls, only enough to gift him enough pressure to keep his fast yet silent pace. Even without silence upgrades he was able to make as little noise possible, his claws barely making a tick on the vent walls. The skulk seemed to be a perfect size for a vent, it was like the vents were made specifically to fit the skulks in nicely without too little or too much room to move about in. The skulks pace slowed with a quick change of footing as his spiked feet skipped for a few seconds and he trotted to a stop inside the vent, just standing a few meters from the grating before him. Vents weren’t very bright places but for some odd reason marines placed lights in vents, Most likely they were afraid of things like skulks crawling through them and made it easier to spot them inside the vents. Some spots were still dark, mostly spots near the gratings. Slowly the skulk too a deep breathe and sighed calmly as he took a careful slow step towards the grating, keeping a firm eye through the slits to search for any movement. Without advanced scent of fear he had to rely on sight and sound to track if marines were about, especially considering marines had been using a mind chat to speak to each other, only when they blurted out commands were they easily pinpointed.

The room was obviously dim through the grating, a few boxes could be seen and a slightly swinging chain, thicker than the claws the skulk wielded. The skulks head swayed gently side to side as it focused carefully through the grates, elevating and lowering its head to blur out the grates and get a better view, its feet moving a lot slower and quieter as it closened to the grating, the light piercing through the gaps gently merged onto his skin as he edged closer. A shifting noise came from a box close to the vent and the skulk froze, its front right claw sitting in midair like a hunting dog as it listened carefully, his nose flared as he tried to smell any human scent trails and his eyes never moving from the vent grating, his breathing almost stopping as his heart stopped beating for a split second from surprise. The shift came again and a slight groan. Not a humans groan, not a kharaa either, This didn’t calm the skulk as he sat frozen solid in the same position pinpointing where the sound exactly came from yet preparing to retreat back into the vent if it attacked. The thing mumbled and it was clear the thing in the room wasn’t human nor kharaa, and obviously not aware of what lurked in the darkness with the calm yet uncomfortable tones in its mumbling. Carefully the skulk moved backwards awkwardly. Although skulks were made to run very fast, their anatomy didn’t do them much justice moving backwards, as the skulk found the corner he turned and ran up the vent and sharply shot left through a vent which went to to the top of the room he’d just been close to instead of the side of the room, possibly he could manage to see more above than beside.

He slowed as he carefully walked over the room, he had been around through these vents over fifty times since he spawned, but he never really went close enough to the grating. But his orders were to go further out towards marine territory to catch more res. The skulk finally spotted the grating and walked more confidently towards the vent, it was a lot safer to peek through vents above rooms than vents beside rooms, for marines couldn’t shoot down the tunnel as easily. The skulk sighed and walked over the vent and peeked through to the room, the familiar swinging chain and boxes he had seen through the other vent gave him an idea where exactly he was, he then let his eyes travel left from the vent he was in to where he head heard the creature, an army camouflage sheet lay over a bunch of boxes, clearly holding ammo, and a jeep sat on the opposite wall pinned down with chains and straps to keep it firmly in place.

Obviously a cargo room, not the docking bay. The mumbling came again and the skulks eyes darted to a nearby box, its side open, obviously a holding crate for animals of some kind. Maybe the marine’s new weapon to catch skulks?. The skulk was extremely curious now and couldn’t help but snap at the grating so he could get a better look. The grating sub missed easily to the skulks teeth as it shattered and sprayed to the ground noisily. The skulk moved backwards safely into the vent as it heard the creature cry in surprise. The vent pieces clattered onto the ground making quite an issue out of being broken, the sounds echoed gently until they faded away as the vent shrapnel settled on the ground. Carefully the skulk edged to the vent and peeked through to where he had heard the creature, the room was very silent and there was no sound now from the box. The skulk tutted annoyed, hoping the creature at least had some guts in it. Crawling from the vent he hung upside down on the ceiling, carefully studying the room for the creature before proceeding towards the highest stacked boxes in the far left corner. It was a mysterious wonder how skulks climbed upside down, but they managed it, very swiftly too. The skulk wasted no time in traveling towards the stacked boxes and dropping upright on top of them, quickly studying the room twice over carefully before focusing on the box on the ground containing the creature.

Feeling the coast was clear his eyes gently moved to the box and studied the darkened hole for the creature, obviously the creature was hiding under the dark shadows, because it was afraid? Or to trap the skulk into coming down, the skulk paced on the box as its eyes stayed pinned at the dark hole of the box, his claws clicking more loudly on the box. Irritated the skulk stopped and snarled gently, extending his head forwards to try and focus into the dark black hole. Still unsatisfied the skulk grunted, the thing was obviously afraid if it had not attacked the skulk in such a vulnerable position. The skulk argued with himself before breathing deeply and swiftly hopping down to the boxes as if it was like floating on a feather.

The skulks clawed feet clicked slightly as it landed on the hard surface, the skulk stood alert, the whole time his eyes never trailed from the boxes entrance, he listened carefully for the breathing of the creature, there was a dead silence apart from a gentle yet rapid breathing from the box, the creature was obviously afraid, yet trying to cover its fear and failing at it. The skulk relaxed slight, but only enough to let the creature have not even a near second of advantage over him. The hive had always told them to be alert, even when its safe, he was not about to fail and let his guard down. The skulks eyes narrowed and he stepped forwards carefully towards the box, the creature inside started breathing more rapidly and seemed to sound like it was trying to pin itself closer to the back of the box. The skulk slowed and cocked its head slightly as it listened, and chuckled gently at the pathetic creature inside for being so afraid. More confidently the skulk stepped into the box, the creature shifted more uncomfortably and seemed to whine.

The skulk stopped and listened before carefully moving deeper into the box, the creature was now getting more nervous and suddenly is growled and cried out loudly in a loud bark. The skulk jumped in shock from the sound and stepped back slightly, he had never heard such a sound before. Regaining confidence the skulk growled at the creature and stomped a claw forwards, piercing the box’s metal viciously. The creature yelped and wailed more in a strange manner, banging itself into the wall at the back. The skulk was now confused at what the hell was in this box, which drove him to be even more curious. Again the skulk snarled and then leapt to the top of the box and charging into the darkness snarling and snapping about randomly in hopes to scare the creature out, he felt his teeth brush against a warm yet furry flesh before the creature wailed and bolted out of the box, his plan had succeeded. But he was definitely not prepared for what he seen before him.

A black dog now cowered against a pile of boxes, staring down the box at what was his hiding spot, where the skulk now sat pinned to the wall in the back of the box, clearly able to see now what the creature was. He had heard of such things at Mans slave, but he thought it as just a myth. But here it was before him, a dog, the skulk stood as it gathered all it could see, the shape of the thing, its fur and even its strange eyes and tongue which hung out so slackly from its maw. It shuddered in fear as it awaited the skulk to emerge from the box. The skulk hissed gently in a menacing manner at the dog, watching it react by whimpering and pressing itself against the boxes behind it. Mans best friend was a scared dog, the skulk pouted sarcastically and crept to the ground and walked out calmly towards the dog. The dogs eyes pinned onto the skulks as it jumped in surprise, its eyes darted from the skulks eyes to the ground and repeated ever so frequently. The skulk slowed in a confused manner, was there something on his claws? No, he had just cleaned them earlier, the dog whimpered gently as the skulk edged closer, the dog suddenly dropped onto the ground and lay on its back with its tail between its legs.

The skulk couldn’t believe what he seen before him, was this some act? Was it trying to sacrifice its life to him? Or even preparing for the skulk to kill him? Was it ready to die?, the skulk walked closer to the dog and studied it carefully as it lay frozen on the ground before him. “what the hell are you doing!” the skulk said suddenly, surprising himself at the stupidity of even bothering to communicate with a dog. The dog looked stunned as it lay on the ground, “I I’m submitting to you” the dog stuttered. The skulk stood silently, surprised that the dog could understand him, and funnily enough, the skulk could understand the dog.. or had they just talked telepathically to each other, it had happened so fast he wasn’t sure if it was by sound or by mind they spoke. “submitting?” the skulk asked again, The dog lay on the ground silently before responding “Showing that you are master, and that I am of no threat to such a superior animal” it responded. The skulk now gathered they were speaking telepathically and slightly relaxed at the dogs response.

“What are you doing here?” the skulk demanded in a defensive manner, “I was dragged onto this ship by the men” the dog stated quickly, obviously aware the skulk was capable of taking his life as he pleased if he was seen a threat to him or any like him. “why?” the skulk asked more curiously, “my master, he’s with them, he didn’t want to leave me behind” , the skulk grumbled as he studied the dog, the dog had clearly noticed his response wasn’t appealing to the skulk and trembled slightly, his fur seemed to quiver furiously as he did so. “Why are you so afraid dog?” , the dog breathed deeply “I heard stories of an infestation aboard, when my master took me to go feed, they spoke of things like you, how you kill so many of them”. The skulk grinned slightly before turning back to a more concerned and serious look, his eyes focused into the dogs, the dog responded by looking away,
“why do you do that” the skulk asked.
“Do what?”
“look away when I look in your eyes”
”because why”
”your superior”
”what?, so you cant look into the superiors eyes?”
”because we cant”
”will it kill you?”
”then why?”
”because we can’t”

The skulk grumbled in annoyance at the simple stupidity of the dog and thought for a minute, “not looking into my eyes wont make me more superior, and I wont kill you if you do, just do it, it doesn’t change anything, I would rather you look into my eyes than to insult me by not looking into them”. The dog thought for a minute before slowly raising his eyes to meet the skulks, his deep brown eyes mid glazed were a mysterious sort. The skulk had not witnessed such innocent and majestic eyes, not even in the kharaa, he could see so much that the dog was a peaceful nature loving animal. His eyes showed a long story, so long the skulk could sit there for weeks before interpreting what the dog had been through to get where he is now. The dog grinned slightly in a confident manner, the skulk grinned slightly in response “what’s your name dog?” the skulk asked, The dogs grin faded slightly and he thought for a second “I have many strange names the men call my, but my common name I am called is Bundy.. What is yours?” the dog asked, obviously attempting to make some form of friendship between then, the dog was obviously not taking sides of things, and keen to befriend a species with such a bad name. “Jayce” the skulk responded as he scanned the room again carefully for any marines entering the room before setting his eyes on the dog, “you do know you can stand up?” the skulk said tauntingly, the dog looked about pathetically before realizing he had been laying on his back the whole time, he grinned half shamefully and rolled onto his stomach before proceeding to push himself up onto his feet.

The skulk now seemed a lot smaller to the much bigger black dog, “wow, I didn’t realize you were a lot shorter than I, you’re the size of a husky” the dog responded, the skulk smiled cheekily “don’t underestimate our size” he said as he trotted about the dog, scanning his lanky yet solid anatomy. “you have unusual feet” the dog replied as he attempted to sniff the skulks claws, the skulk responded by skipping sideways facing the dog “claws, they help me climb up walls and run swiftly” the skulks eyes darted to the dogs tail as it began to sway furiously behind him, “does that thing live off you?” the skulk asked as he watched the tail sway back and forth behind the dog. The dog chuckled, “’tis my tail, its attached to me, when I am happy it wags, when I am sad it lays in line with my legs and when I’m afraid, between” The skulk watched as the tail stopped swaying “so what are you when it stops waving around?” “content” the dog replied.

“Is it true?” the dog suddenly asked, the skulks eyes drifted to the dogs, “do you kill people for nothing?” he asked, “we don’t kill without a reason” the skulk replied, “it is your humans who chose to kill us, not us to kill them, we are only fighting to survive. They aim to exterminate”, The dogs eyes left the skulks and looked at a door in the far side of the room and his eyes moved back to the skulks “it is true humans kill many without reason, They kill many of our kind without care”. “Then why are you loyal to them if they murder your kind?” the skulk hissed, The dogs looked into the skulk, it was clear he was not angry nor sad, “Because not every human is like that, there are also a majority which try to save our kind, and help our kind”. The skulk stood silently as if the words the dog just said made sense, and gave him another reason to consider an alliance with humans. “All the ones I have met have shot at least 5 bullets into me” the skulk replied firmly, “the ones you fight are going by the comments of what others tell them, they are but doing what they are told to do, or sacrifice losing what they live for”, the skulk stood silently as he pondered at what the dog had just said, it was clear the dog knew much of what the humans were like as he had lived among them.

The skulk sighed “I am afraid because of what they have head and seen, they wont stop killing us, wether or not we try to make an alliance, they wont listen. It is a dead end for us and all we can do is fight them for our rights on this ship or let them kill us off, there is no consideration in this war”. The dog watched as the skulk backed away slightly and scanned the area again “I can understand your decision, yet I am disappointed you wont give it a try”, “believe me I have tried, the first thing I did when I spawned was try, they shot me on sight, there is no more trying, I have tried a lot” the skulk snapped, The dog stood still in a little surprise of the skulks sudden outburst. “Bundy, this is a war, you are aware of that?” the skulk asked, the dog nodded “but I wont fight in it, I am but mans companion, not a creature of war” he responded respectfully, then his ears perked and his eyes trailed to the door. The skulk followed to see a shadow nearing the door, surely this dogs hearing is very acute to have heard the marine approaching from so far away. The skulk stepped backwards gently “I must go now” he said as he swiftly leapt up on top of a large crate box, the dog turned his attention to the skulk “I agree, but it was nice talking to you Jayce, I hope you shall visit again”. “only when marines aren’t about” The skulk replied in a playful tone, then he leapt onto the tallest pile of boxes and bounced onto the ceiling heading towards the vent.

The dog watched as the skulk disappeared into the vent, and all sound from the skulk faded as it ran down the vent away from the cargo storage room. The door opened in a jerky manner and a marine walked in “Bundy where are ya mate?” The dog responded in a happy bark charging towards the marine and toppling him over with big sloppy kisses. The skulk watched silently from the side vent through the grating at the dog, wishing for once he could be able to freely roam about without marines caring too much. Like that dog…

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    Nicely written, As with all your stories, they are all truly unique and the Kharaa are not depicted as bloodthirsty aliens, but as warriors with intelligent thought!

    Btw, lovely picture! Will you include pictures to your Future Stories??

    Keep it up! <!--emo&::skulk::--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='skulk.gif' /><!--endemo-->
  • BadMouthBadMouth It ceases to be exclusive when you can have a custom member titl Join Date: 2004-05-21 Member: 28815Members
    This is another one of your refreshing stories which take a new perspective once again. A skulk meeting a dog. Very interesting. The atmoshhere was quite good and enhanced the story.

    The environment is described with great detail. This is an improvement from your other stories.

    The dialogue is also rather interesting. The dog's innocence is slightly humourous in my opinion. I felt that skulk was being a bit too arrogant.

    One thing to note. Everytime a person talks, he should be given a new line. you put all your dialogue in one paragraph so it is a bit hard to read.

    Pictures cool though. You could put some pictures with a few chapters.
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    Amazing story, and even more amazing art.

    I am sure you must had put great thought and effort into this to be able to create such a fine masterpiece.

    Haha, and I certainly love the idea of a Skulk and dog interacting. Afterall, Skulks ARE dogs! <!--emo&:D--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    P.S : I can't help but notice that your dog is the same kind as the one in Alien 3. That poor dog was parasited by a Facehugger...and later died painfully due to the emergence of the Chestburster.
  • Blammo8Blammo8 Join Date: 2005-02-06 Member: 40141Members
    I just got sucked in, not really realising I was reading a story. Just awesome.
  • kyliegirlkyliegirl Gorge Master Australia Join Date: 2002-12-11 Member: 10586Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    <!--QuoteBegin-Fire Eel+Jul 12 2005, 01:29 AM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td><b>QUOTE</b> (Fire Eel @ Jul 12 2005, 01:29 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> Amazing story, and even more amazing art.

    I am sure you must had put great thought and effort into this to be able to create such a fine masterpiece.

    Haha, and I certainly love the idea of a Skulk and dog interacting. Afterall, Skulks ARE dogs! <!--emo&:D--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    P.S : I can't help but notice that your dog is the same kind as the one in Alien 3. That poor dog was parasited by a Facehugger...and later died painfully due to the emergence of the Chestburster. <!--QuoteEnd--> </td></tr></table><div class='postcolor'> <!--QuoteEEnd-->
    actually the dog in my story is a labrador, the one in avp was actually a rottweiler considering it had brown markins over its face if you looked closely (i study animals too much )

    I am glad you all liked the story.

    the dogs innocence was meant to be slightly humerous as dogs in a way are smart to an extent, but do not think much of their actions and do stupid things, (like how he was submitting himself to the skulk to show he was superior and refusing to get up, it is just the way they are raised, they do not think twice of what they have done)

    the skulk I tried to portray as an odd skulk, being a thinker, he is only trying to learn more about humans which the dog knows, but is trying to keep his guard up incase, all that time the skulk was looking around to make sure noone was going to attack or ambush. It is his duty to the hive to be on guard and to not let his emotions get in the way, thus why he might have seemed arrogant.
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    Very nice.

    I like the Idea of the Kharaa, beeing more than bloodthirsty things, actually having Feelings/Emotions and grace.

    Although the Kharaa should think about <b>making</b> the Humans listen, instead of only killing them.
    Like, bite some rine to half-death, get him to Hive, make him listen/understand, heal, send back.

    The Dog could also act as a neutrally mediator, at least his owner should be able to understand.
    Else, theres still the possibility to force him to. *chuckles*
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