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I've run many other game servers before. I've run a Doom3 server on my box, a UT2k4 server, a HL2dm server and a CS server on my box before, and they all run without issue. I just tried setting up a NS server, and I get a horrible ping when I try to connect to it, and it won't show up in the server browser, even under the LAN tab. If I launch into my srcds server to load up HL2dm, it runs great, and if I idle there, the server fills up in minutes and it runs great. My NS server on the other hand, blows and is really slow. I actually recal trying this over a year ago on a different windows install, and it pulled the same thing.

Why does my NS server lag really badly when I can run all of the other games, even ones on the same engine fine? I have the 3.0 ds server and the 3.04 patch on the HLServer standalone package. My HLDS folder is a new one that is seperate from the SRCDS one.


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    What's your setup? What processor, distro, ram, your pipe? What have you tried to specifically tune NS?
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    AMD64 3000+, 1gig of ram etc, not sure that's the problem.

    The plot thickens. First off, I narrowed the server not showing on the list thing down to the router. I did not suspect it as I'm running a hl2dm server right next to the NS one and that shows on the list with no issues. (...and doens' lag)

    Now, when I look at my NS server in the browser list, the ping is accurate for a lan ping; <10ms. (usually much lower) If I join though, the ping is around 30 first, then shoot sup to near 1000. I just asked some other people to join though, and they said that they ping to the server fine when in-game. Is this weird or what? Like I said, I have 0 issues with SRCDS/hl2dm, just with NS. (Also, why would my router give me problems with hlds but not srcds??)
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    windows or linux?

    some older linux distros have problems running hlds.

    also lan pings (depending on your network config) should be close to 0 when looking in the lan tab. when ingame, a normal lan ping would be between 5-15 and possibly more if the server has a high load on it.
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    Another really weird thing related to what you say... It won't even show up in the LAN tab. That's possibly the weirdest part. Now that I fixed the router, it shows on the internet list, but not the LAN. The HL2dm server does however show up on in the LAN tab. Isn't that really odd?

    edit: Ooooh, new oddities! If I add the server from the browser to favorites, the port is 63002. (it should be 27017)

    If I run it on a dif port, the number is a different weird/uber-high number. (the numbers are consistent though: eg each port i tell it to do corresponds to a unique uber-high port.

    edit again: I have another box that has Linux, and I somehow managed to get the server running on that box, and now I have no issues with lag. Score. I still have the weirdo port though, and it still won't show in the LAN tab. Oh well, this is workable.
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    If you run a LAN server usually people on the outside can't see it. If you run an internet server it will not show up on your internet game server list and must be joined by using it's local LAN IP address.

    The reason for the wierd high port is due to the NAT negotiations of your router, it's normal.
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