Alien Vs Kharaa

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<div class="IPBDescription">Whoever wins, we lose</div> <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>Aliens VS Kharaa</span>

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Part 1 – Foul Monstrosity</span>

Private Brian dashed on and on without pause, his metal boots banging noisily on the steel grating on the floor. He was running for his dear life, and ignored the repeated commands of his confused combat commander. He couldn’t care about anything else; he could only care about speeding onwards.

It was only until he reached a V-division pathway that he finally stopped moving.

Sweat and tears flooded his eyes as he tried to reminisce the horrifying turn of events a moment ago.

Private Larci as well as Regular Marine Joe and Tomas were with him. Every single one of them was clang in Level One Armor as well as Level Two Light Machine Guns. They were well-equipped; no Skulk or Lerk could take them easily without a fight. Better still, Commander Dodger was ever-vigilant to drop them a couple of medical packs or ammunition packs.

They were so confident – So over-confident that even as they walked right under a ventilation hole, no one bothered to fire a few shots to ensure there weren’t any ambushing Skulks.

It was a fatal mistake.

As soon as Tomas was positioned under the vent, an enormous black form hurled downwards onto him.

It all happened in seconds; no one even had any time to shoot as Tomas was instantly crushed to death under the monster’s weight.

It was definitely no Skulk; the creature was built like some monstrous quadruped offspring of a dog and scorpion. Its entire body was sleek and wet, and gleamed under the light. Enormous sharp spines jarred out from its back, and its frame was weirdly skeleton-like, where the ribcage was even visible. A segmented tail more than two metres long lined with a single row of spikes ended with a huge curved blade at the end. Its limps were bony and yet muscular, and each ended in several huge clawed fingers. Long slimy veins lined every part of its body, from the tail to the neck. And yet the most gruesome of all was the monster’s head. It had an enormous humped cranium at the back of its head, and its face was round and smooth, with little more than a terrifying set of jaws dripping with saliva. The creature was the size of a lion, and was totally jet black. There weren’t any eyes, nose or even ears, and still Brian could sense its intentions – Pure evil.

Even now, Brian shuddered at what the monster did next.

The three were so stunned that for a moment, they stood there blankly and stared at the monster. In the blink of an eye, its spiky tail lashed out and impaled Larci between his eyes, piercing out through the back of his helmet.

Only then did Joe wake up. He yelled in rage and fired several shots at the monster’s shoulder and it shrieked loudly in pain. Yellowish blood splashed from the wound onto Joe’s face and body.

As if the blood was some mix of deadly concentrated acid; the yellow liquid burnt right through Joe’s face and armor. He screamed and dropped his gun, and the monster knocked Joe down before descending onto him.

That was all it took. Brian gave a yelp of fear and threw his guns and bolted away, trying to shut out Joe’s unending cries for help.

Where was he now?

He didn’t know what was going on, he knew had he been running for more than five minutes away from the bloodshed, but that was all. He had been going on blindly; now he was lost.

“Goddammit! Brian! What the hell is wrong with you?!” Commander Dodger yelled at the top of his voice.

Brian breathed heavily for a moment as Dodger continued to shout furiously before he gave a reply.

“Comm? I…I…what? What is going on?” Brian asked, his voice shaky with fear.
“I should be the one asking that of you! Just what was going on just now?” Dodger said angrily.
“I…I…was running away, comm. I was running from the monster!” Brian muttered.
“Monster? What the hell are you talking about?! Tomas, Joe and Larci died, and you suddenly ran away. What happened?!” Dodger probed him for an answer.
Brian looked around fearfully, and screamed, “A huge monster! It suddenly appeared, and slaughtered them! IT SLAUGHTERED THEM!!!”

He then broke down and cried.

“Brian! Brian, relax! What was it? A Fade?! Or an Onos?!” Dodger said, in a much calmer voice now.
“No! It was none of those! It was a new species! It was huge! I mean, it was like two metres tall! As big as a Fade! But it was on fours like a Skulk and had this horrible scorpion tail! And…and…acid blood! Its blood burnt Joe’s face off!” Brian cried out, as he recalled the gruesome details of the monster’s body.
“Listen, Brian!” Dodger instructed him. “What you encountered may very well be a new Kharaa species. This is a very serious matter. Right now, you are at a V-Division pathway. I want you to go right. Get to the end, and then shut the door behind you. Build a Phase Gate and get back to base. You hit?”
“But! There may be more of them out there!” Dodger protested.
“I know! Which is why getting you back into base is my top priority! But before that, I need you to check out the room for me. I will keep watch your back, and give you med packs if needed! Get going marine! The Phase Gate is waiting!”
“Yes, comm!” Brian replied and turned right.

As he continued to walk, it was only then did he realize he had no LMG! He threw it away, and now had only his pistol and knife to defend himself. He was sure, if the same monster turned up, he would have no hope of defeating it.

Just what was it? It had fingered hands and toes like a man, yet a tail like a scorpions. When it was shot, the blood had the same corrosive effect as a gorge’s acidic spit. It worked exactly the same way, burning through armor and flesh with a sizzling sound.

Brian gasped in fear when a growl sounded behind him.

He spun round immediately, his pistol in his hands.

There was nothing. No monster laid in sight, no Kharaa was around. He was completely alone in the pathway.

“Brian! What are you waiting for? Go!” Dodger rushed him.

Brian understood, and ran all the way to the end of the pathway to the next room. He couldn’t wait to get out of this area, back into the safety of his marine spawn point where dozens of sentry turrets kept guard. There, he was sure; no monster could get in easily.

Brian stopped short, metres away from the room. Something was wrong; there were several weird goobs of slime on the floor and walls. Was there some Xenoforms hiding in the room? Strange trails of saliva or slime were usually giveaways to a ambushing Kharaa’s presence.

His HUD crackled with static, and Dodger’s voice said, “Brian!!! Get your butt in there and build the Phase Gate!”

Brian took a deep breath and readied his pistol, and he stepped hesitantly into the room. The ghastly sight that lay before him however, made his blood froze in fear and terror.

The room was already occupied, but not like any of the Bacterium-form he recognized. Huge clumps of a sinister blackish mossy growths had covered every possible part of the room. It didn’t even look like a room anymore, more like the inside of a colossal beast. Coils of tentacles hanged from the ceiling limply; alongside were rows of bony rib-like spikes. The walls, floor and ceiling were wet; and slime dripped about. Grotesque growths of the black substance stuck out through the walls, and impossible-to-tell shapes were stuck to the ceiling; looking suspicious like some unusual organism.

The room was warm and humid, and a disgusting bitter smell filled his nostrils.

Brian shook his head in disbelief. Were these growths really Bacterium? Somehow, they seemed more vile and nefarious to him.

“Something’s wrong, comm.” Brian whispered fearfully. “The room’s already taken.”
“It’s as I feared then. This is weird; I can’t place a Phase Gate inside. I don’t know why, but try getting to the interior of the room; I will attempt to position a Phase Gate again.” Dodger said.

Brian swallowed his breath and took a wary step ahead. The spongy growth quivered and deflated under his step. It seemed alive.

“Move it marine!” Dodger demanded.

Brian let out a groan as he trotted forward quickly, making more squashy sounds under his boot. He turned past a black wall of growth and froze.

At least ten eggs lay before him – No, these were not Kharaa gestation eggs, definitely not. Unlike the pink pulsating ovals that lay on their side, these eggs were totally different.

They were slightly smaller, and of a more refined oval shape. At the bottom of each egg was a whitish support that held them upright. These eggs were greenish, and had a leathery look to them. Their wet skin gleamed under the dim light, and a strange swirling form was within.

The eggs looked like they would hatch anytime.

Brian raised his pistol to shoot one, but stopped halfway. He didn’t think he would have enough bullets to finish all of them all before their guardians returned. He couldn’t risk making a commotion which might give his position away.

Now that he thought of it, exactly what did these eggs belong to? The Kharaa? Was all these from a new species of Kharaa? If so, was the black monster he saw before also a Kharaa as well? What if, right now, there were more of these things in the same room as him?

He mumbled his prayers as he cautiously walked around the eggs, keeping a good distance away. He had to examine the rest of the room, and then build the Phase Gate and get the hell of this place.

Another horrifying sight greeted Brian, and tears welled up in his eyes again.

“Oh God…” Brian murmured in shock.

Among the overwhelming black algae-growths, heads stuck out. Like flies on a spider web, nine men were stuck to the wall. Some kind of a slimy crusty growth held them in position, and their eyes were closed tightly. Their bodies were covered in the black substance, which seemed to prevent them from moving at all.

As Brian continued to examine them however, he realized the men were not unconscious as he had suspected.

They were all dead.

Enormous gaping holes were in their chest, and even now, blood continued to drip out. The shirt and ribcage pointed outwards, and the blood splattered outwards as well. It was as if, something had been in the chest, and burst out, causing a quick and violent death. Even now, some of their faces were still twisted with expressions of pain and horror; as the mouth were wide open.

Brian continued to sob, as Dodger shouted more commands to him, but he ignored them all.

Just what had happened here? Were these men being used for food? And how did they even get their fatal wounds? There were too many questions left un-answered, too many mysteries unfolding.

“Brian! I sense movement towards you! They will be upon you in seconds if you don’t build the Phase Gate!” Dodger yelled.

Brian turned, and he saw the eggs reacting at last.

Petals opened on the top of each egg, and the horrid smell intensified instantly. Strange smacks echoed from each opened egg, and Brian sensed some motion within them. However, nothing hatched out, and he stepped forward for a better look.


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    Since Part One of The Behemoth : Source has officially ended. I will be taking a short break from Behemoth for awhile. And now I will concentrate on my much shorter story, Aliens VS Kharaa.

    Whoever wins, we lose!
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    Oh can you add some new equipment?? for the marines?!?!?

    Like Acid- resistant armor!?!? flame throwers?? etc..

    Oh btw, the behemoth source, is it the same as the behemoth? or did you add anything to it?
  • Fire_EelFire_Eel Join Date: 2003-08-19 Member: 19950Members
    'fraid that wun be new equipment. Afterall, this is gonna be an extremely short story, with 2 or 3 chapters only.

    And yes, I added tonnes of stuff to The Behemoth : Source. It is totally different from Behemoth, you should read it sometime.
  • monk3ymonk3y Join Date: 2003-10-30 Member: 22139Members
    <!--emo&:0--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wow.gif' /><!--endemo--> WHAT!?!?!?

    all this time.. i thought it was the same thing, only revised!! DOH!!

    anyways, I really like your stories, and i'd like it if you keep writing stories!

    Keep up the good work!

    p.s. you should turn your stories into a book! With pictures of course
  • BadMouthBadMouth It ceases to be exclusive when you can have a custom member titl Join Date: 2004-05-21 Member: 28815Members
    really great story. everything was described perfectly and the level of detail you put in the story is quite amazing. You also manaed to capture the panic Brian waqs feeling quite well. so good job on that and keep up the good work

    P.S. monkey is obsessed about new guns....
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    <span style='font-family:Times<span style='font-size:14pt'>*Exclusive Sneak Peek To The Final Installment Of The Aliens VS Kharaa!!!*</span></span>

    "Brian saw wriggly finger-like movements from within the egg openings. Something horrible was crawling out.

    More gurgling sounded, and a pale yellow spiderish creature emerged.

    Brian didn’t give it another second and fired once with his pistol. There was a loud squealing and it retreated into the egg. He knew by instinct that the newborn creature had vicious intentions.

    Then Brian heard a sizzling. He looked down and was appalled to see that its yellow blood was rapidly burning through the metal floor. It had acidic blood too!

    The creatures from the eggs chattered noisily, and several of the spider-freaks emerged at once, their segmented legs waving in the air.

    Brian stepped back, and gave several precise shots to the nearest creature. It cried out loudly and dropped limply down the side of the egg, a long centipede-like tail trailing behind.

    What the hell were these?! Spider-scorpion-Kharaa? Brian thought in horror as he continued to fire.

    His pistol suddenly gave a dry click, and he glanced at it in dismay, only to look up to the belly of one of the creatures that had leapt at him.

    A force abruptly smashed into the creature, and it flew to the side.

    Too shocked for words, Brian could only retreat even more as he suddenly found himself facing a much bigger threat – A Skulk."

    If both loses, we win.
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    yes!!! MORE MORE NOW!!!

    C MON!!! <!--emo&:D--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    gj so far though
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    Editing for Part 1 has been done. It is likely to be the finalised version. Now undergoing editing of part 2.
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