Abandoned 4

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Nadair felt life go backwards as his past flew past him once again, The end of the barrel gazing into his eyes was like a black hole in space, consuming everything living inside of it. Anything, which was to come out of that barrel, could only cause sudden death.

Mark looked up at the lieutenant and moved his shoulder in front of the now trembling Nadair. "Stand back soldier, you have a kharaa behind you" demanded the lieutenant, his aim still targeted at the gorge through Mark's shoulder. "Cant Sir, he’s one of ours. A pet", the lieutenant's gaze snapped into his eyes "a pet?" he demanded, his voice showing it was a mix of confusion and sarcasm. "A biological weapon can't be a pet,” he said sternly. Mark stiffened "There was some demand of converting the Kharaa into guides for scientist, and also company for the children who boarded on this station. It just so happened this gorge was a successful operation and was once a loyal pet to a child who boarded here".

The lieutenant looked past Mark's shoulder at Nadair; Nadair peeked from behind Mark's shoulder his eyes wide with fear. "What use is a creature which cant defend let alone attack!" The lieutenant spat, Mark kept his temper and replied carefully "as I said, he is a guide. He was the commanders sons gorge, please lower your gun, he wont attempt to hurt us". The lieutenant growled under his breath and lowered his gun reluctantly; "I am lieutenant Simmons Commander of 27th regiment". A soldier stiffly approached Simmons and saluted quickly "Command Sector clear sir, All data shows no more life forms left on this station". Nadair walked carefully onto Marks lap and laid down, Simmons glared at Nadair watching every movement he did, from the slightest breath he drew in and out, "very well, call into Envious command and request a support vessel to come pick us up".

The soldier nodded and walked away pulling a UHF radio from his left hip and began speaking into it with a clear blank tone. Nadair looked back up at Simmons who was still glaring hatefully into his eyes, "what do you have us do with that gorge then?" he finally replied in a slow yet harsh tone. "His name is Nadair, he stays with me, he was the commanders son's best pet, so I shall take care of him". The lieutenant gritted his teeth "fine" he grumbled "The Envious will have sufficient supplies to care for your wounds" He then said as he walked off, commanding two medics to now tend at Marks wounds. The medics approached quickly "Lee and Thomas sir, we will dress your wounds for now. The Envious will have the right equipment to repair your wounds properly" A medic quickly replied as he stared at Nadair carefully. Mark smiled weakly "don’t worry he doesn’t bite, he’s really friendly" he petted Nadair on the head, Nadair gargled pleasantly.

The Support ship arrived and 3 more medics approached towards Mark and Nadair carrying a hover bed to take mark to the Support ship. Carefully they lifted Mark into the bed and the teams moved towards the support ship. Nadair lay on marks lap as they hovered alongside the medics and troops through the halls. Nadair had never been in this part of the station, everything was intact, the walls glistened as the marines lights shone upon them, pipes still intact and wires hung loosely around. Nadair heard a whisper and he looked behind him at mark, mark lay silently resting, his hand stroking Nadairs back. The whisper came again, Nadairs eyes darted to the vents, the whispering continued, the gorge squinted as he stared through the grates of the vents, the whispering came again, shifting uncomfortably Nadair grumbled silently.

He squinted harder into the grates, he could sense something was in there, whispering at him, or at someone else. "Here" it whispered echoingly "here, here" it whispered again, Nadair then caught sight of a white flicker as a marines light hit the vents, he jumped in surprise and froze in place. "Here he’s here" the creature whispered, Nadair seen the shape stop and look back, following down the vent Nadair realized the creature wasn’t alone, three other shapes similar to it were following, and more were appearing as this other creature whispered. Nadair shuddered, he knew that if he didn’t do something they would kill the marines and even Mark.

Whimpering Nadair crawled into the gap of marks armpit and nuzzled his head to wake him. "Ambush" the creature now whispered, Nadair looked up the creatures eyes glowed faintly through the grates at him, half closed, in a hateful expression. He knew they weren’t going to save him. They were going to kill him too for being a human lover, for following the humans and not them, he could sense their hatred now, it was worse than the smell of blood, he whimpered louder and a medic looked down at him confused, watching the gorge looking about frantically. "Uhh, Lieutenant Simmons" the medic said carefully. "What is it Jamie" Simmons said demandingly, "The gorge is acting funny" he then said. Nadair looked up at the vents; at least 15 creatures now glared down at him as they passed through the vents running ahead of the team.

Simmons walked stiffly as he approached the hovering bed carrying Mark and Nadair, his gaze never leaving off Nadair. Nadair stood up and turned, he ran to the edge of the hovering bed and jumped up and down gargling and calling. "What the... " The medic said confusingly. "Mark what the hell is this thing doing" Simmons demanded, Mark opened his eyes and looked at Nadair. Nadair turned and looked at mark then looked up at the vent and called again, even more urgently.

"Up there! Up there! " Nadair said, but his voice to the marines was a series of gargling and roaring. The skulks growled at him and hissed in the vents "you’ll die with the rest human lover" they hissed at him. Simmons finally caught up with and looked up to spot a creature crawling quickly past, "SKULKS AMBUSH!" Simmons yelled. The whole hall turned into a musical as a chain of clicking and reloading could be heard, everyone including the medics pulled out guns and pointed towards the vents and down the halls. Then as quickly as the guns came out, the sounds faded into silence. The only sounds heard were the heavy breaths of the marines as they sat perfectly still firmly guarding every possible spot the creatures could attack.

Nadair looked around; the skulks were silent, no more whispers. Nadair could hear his heart beating slowly and heavily, it felt like it was trying to escape from his ribcage and run away on him. A whisper could be heard from where they had come from. Then a grumble, Nadair stared down the hall carefully. The shadows seemed to move and dance carefully towards them, that was impossible, Simmons followed Nadairs gaze and his light shone into the eyes of an enormous black thing, its face so hideous it could creep into everyone’s nightmares, Simmons quickly engaged on the black monster, his bullets whistled as they hit the air with force. The monster quickly merged with shadows with a strange call the bullets missing it completely. Marines now scanned everywhere more frequently as they lay like sitting ducks in the contained hall; their only escape was to go forwards.

Simmons looked around carefully then at the confused Nadair, expecting the gorge to tell him where they were now. Nadair stared blankly at him and shook his head, knowing he wouldn’t understand him if he tried to say it. "Move out, keep your eyes peeled, scan every spot possible, we have to get to the support ship and dock onto Envious" Simmons commanded. The soldiers stood and began to walk carefully, more tensely as they scanned the walls and grates. A team now sat at the back of the hovering bed, travelling slower than they were before.

Nadair mumbled worriedly to himself, these skulks weren’t only killing off the marines but now they were hunting down everything loyal to them. Nadair whimpered and curled up between Marks arm and thigh. The medic smiled as if to say thank you for the warning, had he not done anything the shadow dweller would have wiped out their entire team quickly and peacefully. It was positive that that shadow dweller was the reason for Mark's serious wound, and the fast fight in the command center.

Simmons resumed to his position near the front line as they turned at a corner of the hall towards a great silver door. The sign above read 'DOCKING ROOM' in bold yellow letters. Nadair looked behind them, but it seemed the creatures had realized they wouldn’t get anywhere if Nadair was showing the marines where they were, he had given them an advantage.
The door opened with a routine groan, allowing the team to pass through, Nadair looked around the room, the walls more straight than the walls in the halls. Wires neatly tied together on walls and pipes grated over along the walls. The floor was patterned with silver gridding, the far walls had giant doors covering them and a yellow and black lined path led from the doors down towards where a Support ship rest firmly on the ground. A team stood saluting at Simmons as he approached with a faster walk.

Nadair gazed at the Support ship, he had never seen such a machine in his whole life on the station, its small slender shape resembled a jet which was on a photo above Nadairs masters bed, yet its wings longer and the beck end was shaped slightly like a box. Simmons approached Nadair and Mark and looked at the medics "take him inboard" he ordered, the medics nodded and the hovering bed began to move gently again, heading towards the rear end of the support ship.


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    Perfect in every way Kylie! Can't wait for part 5!
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    This chapter is quite good in all aspects. It was more atmospheric and had more descriptions of the environment. The part that stood out for me was the emotional and mental journey Nadir went through in the course of the chapter. Keep up the good work.

    GO NADIR!!! <!--emo&::gorge::--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/pudgy.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='pudgy.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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    Another excellent read.

    Kylie, you not only write well, draw well, you are even on time. In short, while most others of us fanfic writers do not usually post our chapters on time, as we had promised. You often post your new chapters in a matter of days. That I think, is one of your greatest power.

    One thing though, how many chapters would Abandon last?
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    not sure, im making up as i go along. goes into my head i imagine it, chapter five may be released tonight or tomorrow as its very clear in my head <!--emo&:)--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/smile-fix.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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    Chapter 5 please!! hey, is Nadir going to morph into a fade or onos? and save the marines?
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    awnsering that would kinda spoil it right? <!--emo&:p--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/tounge.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tounge.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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    Excellent. Very good grammar, great details, please make more.
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    if anyone could translate the story togerman it would be excellent for me, due my bad school english knowledge
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