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please read
wow.gif WOW wow.gif is all I have to say. I just played a 1 on 1 match on Caged that lasted for well over three hours with a guy named STINGER. It was on the Wolf-Den server and I have too tell you about this match because it was really cool. In the beginning it was only us two and we decided to give eachother time to advance into the game because the round wouldn't last long if he had killed me off the bat. I was marine and he was alien. After just a short time I had a pretty goos stronghold on my base with a mass of turrets. When we encountered each other on the map we hesitated to kill each other, it was really funny. And everytime we did kill each other we made funny remarks at each other like "(female dog in heat) lol"
He kept me in my base for most of the time since I am a defense savy person. I was able to upgrade to everythings top level, and if you can imagine through the entire round, we managed under ten kills each I think. Though he killed me more for sure.

Here comes the best part, sice we chatted through text the entire match we became real freindly and at the end he agreed not to kill me, since he was winning. It took him forever to take out my massive turret farm with one alien player but actually managed to do it. He took out one turret with onos and I made half a turret. pattern went until he finally managed to get to cc where he got stuck. So I knifed him to death and and took out cc and everything except me. Then we played a little hide and seek the marine for the distance i could get without being killed by his towers.

Then I remembered that at the beginning of the match I had placed another CC at the other end of the map and he actaully tried protecting me so I could get there. I failed but it was still reallt cool. About half that time we played we were actually chatting.

Now we return to the readyroom and Wolf is there, the admin. He has no idea that we had just played a match for so long 1 on 1. He's really surprised and calls us crazy and I come back with a "yes we are" because for the longest time we did not kill each other at the end like were supposed to do. It is 3:00 am and we say our goodbye's while wolf types that he's going back to sleep, prop thinking were gonna play more.

I must say that was my best NS game to date. smile.gif I could write all the details but then you'd fall asleep. biggrin.gif


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    Sounds like you and your newly found friend had a great time! smile.gif
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    And the critics think you cant put 'computer game', 'kill', 'fun', and 'socialize' in one sentence without being a murderous schizo...

    Send them here...
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    LOL that pretty funny, but flay did say he wanted NS to be social (sp?)
  • NecroNecro <insert non-birthday-related title here> Join Date: 2002-08-09 Member: 1118Members Posts: 3,051 Fully active user does 1v1 work?

    i mean someone has 2 be a commander...
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    Go commander, put a building down, get out and make it biggrin.gif
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    Well theoretically, you could place structures then get out to build them up, despite the lack of efficiency if you're having fun.. what can I say? smile.gif
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    You jump in and out of the command chair all the time when building stuff?

    [edit] er.. two other posts while I was writing mine.. maybe that's a sign I shouldn't be doing other stuff while trying to respond to threads.. tounge.gif
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    Yup. I've done similar on my server. I go in, join aliens and run around as a skulk to practice routes and learn the levels. Sometimes I go marine to mess around with the CC since I rarely get to do it in real games. Every now and again someone'll pop onto my server and we'll agree not to kill each other so we can go exploring and just mess around with aspects of the game we don't otherwise get a chance to play with.
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    yup going in and out of CC giving myself health and welder and everything. Like I said, I managed to get a hombase as big if not bigger than on the normally packed servers all by myself. I had a couple seige cannons, full armor and weapon upgrades, about 25 turrets, jetpack, two turret factories, everything. But I enjoyed every minute of the in and out of CC. I must say that it was practically impossible for me to expand out of the base as one lone marine because gorge can constantly make towers anywhere in the map. I was never able to get to a hive though. Its just impossible really because you need ammo along the way and I can't drop it down because I'm not CC and you can unload an entire grenade ammo on a pack of alien turrets. confused.gif

    I didn't beleive a single onos could take out my entire base and it did. I don't know, does that mean somethings wrong? I don't really think so.

    (((One thing I would like to report if its not known is that the FADE's hitbox is really in need of fixing. REASON-First hand experience from that round because normally you don't think of this. Please read on for it takes time to explain)))

    Ok, so i told you how Stinger and I were playing 1 on 1 and at the end of the match we did a teaparty(or met with the enemy but didn't kill eachother) I'm pretty sure I invented that term. Anyway, at one point I was knifing his resource tower for fun and he was standing on a platform above me(in the room with the resource nozel which you have to weld to get into and a small red vent) I was playing around and started shooting at Stinger who at the time was a fade shooting at the head. Whats next I see, sparks coming from the fades head and he is not being injured. Not quite what it sounds like...actually the shots are going right through the head and hitting the wall behind it. The actual hitbox isn't until I aim down at the chest area. You guys prob already know this but why is it that in HL model viewer the hitboxes are located in the right place but ingame the bullets pass through? I kinda don't like this because it means I'm missing a valuable kill when I'm really not.

    Why is HL so screwy with hitboxes?
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    true love.. awwww user posted image
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    the fade model is larger than the marine, but has the same collision box(to avoid possible movement issues and so they could use default HL model collision thingers), and i'm pretty sure that hitboxes can only extend as far as the collision box(thing that prevents you from running thru walls etc)
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    I actually played a competitive 1on1 game on Eclipse. It was quite interesting. I managed to survive the skulk rush like three times before I got my turrets up. I then quickly ran to the triad generators where I had placed a resource tower and built it, then ran back. He was then building up defenses outside my base so I couldn't escape again. I built like 7 sieges before his "walls of lame" went down. I got a HMG and setup a base at Eclipse command and quickly ran that direction to build it up. It was too late and he took me and my structures out as an Onos.

    As a single alien, he got all the resources.. and it showed.

    There we're more walls of lame further out. (he had tried setting up one in the hallway to the triad generator when I killed him) I decided that I didn't have time to take them out. He was Onos and about to kick my butt. I went CC and dropped a phase gate and turret factory right outside Maintenance Access. I managed to jump over his offensive chambers and defensive chambers with 30 hp left. I built the stuff, went through phase gate and upgraded and placed siege turrets and one sentry. I phased again and built them up to one green square away from full for each of the three sieges, then completed them one by one to surprise him. I was successful. He was busy destroying my main base slowly as Onos. He ran to the hive's aid too late and in my struggle to kill him, he phased through... I phased after him. (no HA) He was in my base running around. I chased him down, reloaded, he cloaked, I shot in the corner I knew he was in and killed him. No more Onos for him.

    After a battle in securing those sieges from dying against him as Lerk, he finally said he had to go to bed. It was quite a battle... and entertaining for being 1on1. I'm surprised I managed what I did. He was a good player.
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    What does this have to do with anything? WHO CARES IF YOU GOT ANOTHER FRIEND TO PLAY AT THE SANDBOX WITH!!!
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    QUOTE (absent @ Nov 20 2002, 12:55 PM)
    What does this have to do with anything? WHO CARES IF YOU GOT ANOTHER FRIEND TO PLAY AT THE SANDBOX WITH!!!

    He obviously cares, sheesh. Glad you enjoy the social aspect of NS, Cyborg.
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    QUOTE (absent @ Nov 20 2002, 05:55 PM)
    What does this have to do with anything? WHO CARES IF YOU GOT ANOTHER FRIEND TO PLAY AT THE SANDBOX WITH!!!

    OMG he didn't whine about balance issues and how the siege turret is mad sux, can't you get the death penalty for that?
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    ...Only in California.
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    I gotta play 1 on 1 battle as an Alien biggrin.gif


    And: Good for you that you played 3 hours straight with an unknown guy... I chat more in NS then I do in DoD smile.gif
    I've been playing since 3 hours after the release of v1.0.

    I'm playing as Ankan on the Auria servers most of the time.

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    I always chat, but I don't think very many people like me--I'm a very bossy gorge.

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    QUOTE (Jobabob @ Nov 20 2002, 09:09 AM)
    true love.. awwww user posted image

    Sex and the single skulk biggrin.gif
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