I Need A Clan

monk3ymonk3y Members Join Date: 2003-10-30 Member: 22139Posts: 233
hullo, im Monkeh.. i've been playin since 1.04, and i really like this game. Instead of goin to public servers, i'd like to join a organized clan employing tactics and strategies to win games.

okay lets see
Skulk-okay.. depends on the marines aim
Gorge-- pretty good
Lerk-I do pretty well (i enjoy lerking)
Fade-i can take anything that walks not flies..

I like to weld, plant mines im pretty much a support guy
I can kill a max of 3 skulks wit lmg 1 with a pistol
Im horrible with shotties,
pretty good at Hmg
I do pretty well with a Grenade launcher

I hate Heavy armor. i like Jps..

][v][0n`k3h !! killed Genocide | AndErSon with pistol
][v][0n`k3h !! killed =Viral= with item_mine
][v][0n`k3h !! killed kill with item_mine
][v][0n`k3h !! killed Genocide | Misfire with item_mine
][v][0n`k3h !! killed Experiment#2 with item_mine
][v][0n`k3h !!: MONK EHD!


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