Adrenaline Gaming League (agl)

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In the works...
Hey guys, here's what's up.

Me and Anarchy are JUST starting to work on this league, he's covering the website, I'll be covering the clans signups, results, all of those fun things.

I've seen some problems with the CAL, mainly their rules. I'll list off the rules I have in mind in a second, and you guys can help me out, tell me what you'd like wouldn't like, and all of that stuff.


-We cannot provide servers.
-The two clans participating in the match handle the server configuration.
-Matches are held on friday, saturday or sunday, it's up to the two competing clans to fight that one out.
-Matches are 5v5 to 8v8, it's up to the two competing clans to fight that one out.
-The teams (marines, aliens) are assigned 1 week before match night.
-Matches are played in 3 rounds, clan with most wins is the victor.
-If clans cannot agree on match setup, WE WILL DECIDE. Your decision must be made in 3 days.
-There is no timelimit.
-No show's are forfeit wins.
Now, those are just off the top of my head, no complete list has been made out yet, and I'm TOTALLY open to suggestions/complaints, as long as it helps me (and you).

For the match format, I was thinking this. I am most open to suggestions here.

Clans will play most other clans, and after 6 matches, the top teams are in an elimination style tournament, such as:

team 1,2 - 3,4 - 5,6 - 7,8 fight, 1,3 fight - 6,7 fight, 3,7 fight, a winner is chosen.

Anyone with other ideas to the match format is welcome to post here, or email me (address at bottom).

Now, the other thing.

Help wanted

Me (sokz) and Anarchy are looking for a few more people to help out.

Anarchy needs a co-webmaster to help upload news, results, clan sign ups, dates, all that info (WHICH I WILL PROVIDE TO YOU, AND POSSIBLY SOMEONE ELSE).

I need someone to help me collect information, clan sign up's, results, and all of that to give to the webmasters to upload. I want someone responsible, mature, and reliable. Also, it would be nice if you follow my directions (I will give you a number of clans to collect information from, and I will handle others).

I also need people (2-4) who know ALOT about the clan scene, who are willing to write predictions on match results.

I can be found in IRC (sokz), on gamesnet #naturalselection, just drop me a message. Also, you can contact me by e-mail at [email protected] but MSN messanger would be a better way to get in contact with me.
Adrenaline gaming league coming soon!
Need a few people to help, message me if interested.


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    Your post looks lonely so I'll add a reply smile.gif.

    Some suggestions: First off, I still don't see why one has to play both sides (aliens and marines) each night. If CAL, for instance, is setting up two rounds each match night at 45 mins, why not have one round each match night for an hour and half? Let's say you play the first week as aliens. The next week, you'd play against the same clan, on the same map, as marines. With this type of setup, and say 8 teams per division, you'd still play each clan twice, meaning a 14 week season + playoffs. If a round didn't conclude within the hour and half (god forbid) then you can either a) use whatever point the designers come up with, or b) mark it off as a tie (although, you might have problems with that lone alien running around and causing the game to end in a tie). I see that you said that clans will play 3 rounds, am I to assume this is what you mean? Or is it that a clan is expected to play 3 rounds in a single night? I don't think you really need to require there to be a sole winner every match (ie, playing a full 3 rounds etc). If clan A and B split when they play each other, and then clan A beats the next clan 2 to 0 and B splits the next match 1 to 1, then A is leading the division at 3 - 1 and B is in second with 2 - 2.

    Secondly, I think you should institute defaults rather than having the clans fight it out. I know that you mentioned that if a comprimise couldn't be made, you guys would make the decision, but I think that 'your decision' should be known ahead of time, and if the clans can't agree on something different, the default is automatically used. These defaults should, in my opnion be on the small side (ie, if you can play 5 vs 5 through 8 vs 8, the default should be 5 vs 5). This is for a couple of reasons, number 1 being that having enough players to spend an hour and a half to two hours each week in one league might be a bit tough if the default is say 8 on 8. Also, because of the current CPU usage, renting a server at this time isn't very likely. We have a wonderful server on a 768 kb/s sDSL line. With 14 players, everyone pings under 100 and there is zero lag. Requiring more than this will seriously cause the number of clans able to participate to decline. Also, I'd be interested to know what the policy on cable and dsl servers is. Most of the big time leagues require at least a T1 for match servers, but I for one, can tell you that the netcode for NS is incredible. I can barely run a 10 person CS server, but I have no problems running 16 players on our sDSL line (pings are still in the low 100s).

    Anyway, good luck to you and your league. If we like what we see, then the [TAKEN] will certainly be there to support you smile.gif.
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    good suggestions, I'll put some thought into all of that, switch some rules around for sure, thanks for the advice.

    I really don't care what kind of server is used, as along as it is playable. smile.gif
    Adrenaline gaming league coming soon!
    Need a few people to help, message me if interested.
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