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just incase you're interested
today [ReD] scrimed ecg (i think that was the name sad.gif sorry if im wrong, my memory sucks). just thought id throw out what we noticed.

first off, it was run SO smoothly. we all just waited in RR until we were set, then we just dove in. we played 2 rounds of 2 maps (that is, once as each race on Eclipse and Nothing).

our first observation was that, in all 4 rounds, the Marines NEVER won(though we attributed this to the fact that:
a. ReD is terrible at marine and
b. they were really good aliens as well lol)

aside from that, it was a TON of fun. the most NS fun ive ever had, without question. everyone agreed. good times, no question.

there were a few lag problems, but nothing too terrible.

the LAST thing i noticed(and its something that no one else seemed to notice at all) was how long the 4 rounds took.

we started at 5est/2pst. we ended at 7est/4pst. and NO ONE minded. we had a blast(one of the guys, a playtester actually, wanted to keep going. lol)

im not saying that this speaks for everyone. im just saying, we played in the afternoon for 2 hours. teams were even for MOST of the time(they had a guys dropping w/ BAD lag of 1400+, and by the very end 1 or 2 people had to go). and no one seemed to mind at all. just tought someone out there might find that interesting.


NS organized play is truly what this game was meant for. im hooked already.

<3 PTs and Dev Team smile.gif
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    Yes yes. EGC. The 2nd ever NS clan. good to see you had fun, NS clan play really is where its at these days. wink.gif
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    good to see that each round took about 30 minutes also.
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    i'd say those are relatively short games. when each round is an hour...thats why u play 2 rounds only not 4.

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    Which one was it that wanted to keep going, Ekaj or Greedo? I'm betting on Ekaj really, that lazy hippy Greedo would rather pay attention to his hair than play NS.
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    Relatively, most competive clan matches take about 20-30 minutes per round. So matches usually end up lasting a little over an hour, or a little under. Usually no more, from my scrim experience at least.
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    Yeah it was fun, very fun.

    GG egc:.

    BTW the reason we went 4 is because a winner couldnt be decided lol

    Maybe if both our teams work on marines... next time will be intresting to say the least :>
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    Ekaj was the one who was all "lets keep going!" lol. but hey, it was great smile.gif awsome people to play with.

    and yes, Fade, we do need some work. lol. our marine abilities are less than stunning. heh
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    EGC had uber leet haxxor marine aim though tounge.gif
    GG biggrin.gif
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