Toggle Binds And Blockscripts

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toggle crouch anyone?
I need a toggle crouch script for skulking as my keyboard won't let me press enough keys to crouch,jump,strafe sad-fix.gif

However block scripts won't let me make the usual toggle script I used for TFC grenades of

alias crouchon "+crouch;alias crouchy crouchoff"
alias crouchoff "-crouch;alias crouchy crouchon"
bind Ctrl crouchy

How can I do this with blockscripts? I am unable to bhop without typing +crouch into the console, but then I cannot easily stick to walls again, which is annoying.


  • la_grande_parchela_grande_parche Join Date: 2003-07-19 Member: 18262Members, Constellation Posts: 28
    bind your mousewheel to jump it will empty 1 key (crouch,jump,strafe)=(crouch,strafe)
  • UrdUrd Join Date: 2003-05-25 Member: 16696Members, Constellation Posts: 313
    I think your problem is the command is +duck not +crouch.
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    You can't make a toggle duck script that works with blockscripts. Blockscripts will block any alias that includes a +command, like +duck.
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  • d0omied0omie Join Date: 2003-02-23 Member: 13877Members Posts: 245
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    this is really retarded, that I have to bind to the mousewheel instead of using a key to jump because NS refueses to let me compensate for my laptop keyboard with scripts.

    Its very unfair as it means players with mice with more buttons / better keyboards have an advantage. At least everyone has the same opertunaties to script.

    The only scripts which needed blocking were _special ones anyway....

    Fortunatly I do have a mousewheel on my mouse, but I imagine other people do not, and so will find it compleatly impossible to bunnyhop.

    gg Flayara

    When I used to play TFC, EVERYONE used extensive scripts. Mostly to compensate for all the options each class had when you only wanted to use a limited set with easy to reach keys, and toggle grenades. No-one every complained like people do here about unfair scripting. I don't understand where that attitude has come from, but it makes no sense unless we restrict everyone to using the same gamma/monitor/keyboard/mouse. I could just go and spend £30 buying a programable keyboard that would do far more than any script ever good.

    Make NS fair again, remove blockscripts for anything but special scripts. (If they can find a way to implement that)

    (yeah I wrote that code off the top of my head, I clearly mean +duck)
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    If it is possilbe to use +duck in a CFG file, it would be possible.
    Lets see...
    alias "null" ""
    alias "crouch" "null; exec crouch.cfg; null"
    alias "uncrouch" "null; exec uncrouch.cfg; null"
    exec uncrouch.cfg

    bind ctrl uncrouch

    bind ctrl crouch

    Not sure if the nulls are necessary, but other than that, if this script doesn't work, you can also try my commandmenu method...which I do not endorse except for toggle crouching/walking. You can use the + and - commands in the commandmenu script without having the - command executed automatically on the + command theoretically.
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