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I am looking for a way to turn my scripts on and off. Like if I am in a server that blocks scripts, I just hit a key and it will disable my scripts and I can play with my normal presets. I am no script editor, so I really know if this can be done or not but I would greatly appeciate if someone can help me out with this.


  • MrRadicalEdMrRadicalEd Turrent Master Join Date: 2004-08-13 Member: 30601Members Posts: 716 Fully active user
    Make a note of all the bindings to the scripts that you want to toggle off. Then when you create the actual toggling aliases(on and off) one of them would have the binds to the scripts and the other alias would unbind the keys to those same aliases.
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  • UrdUrd Join Date: 2003-05-25 Member: 16696Members, Constellation Posts: 313
    alias bs_toggle "bs_on"
    alias bs_on "bs_1; alias bs_toggle bs_off"
    alias bs_off "bs_0; alias bs_toggle bs_on"
    alias bs_1 "exec scripts_1.cfg"
    alias bs_0 "exec scripts_0.cfg"
    bind X bs_toggle

    Put all of your script binds into the scripts_1.cfg and all your regular binds into scripts_0.cfg.
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