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anyone know what i'm talking about. i saw one on the pandas site a long time ago for a "bind a key to record a demo". romano had it. i was just wonderfing if anyone knows what i'm talking about or could help me out?

(what i does is bind a key to record a demo and another key to stop it, i think) nerd-fix.gif
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    //demo recording
    alias demo_on "messagemode record;alias demotoggle demo_off;developer 1;echo Demo recording : ON;developer 0"
    alias demo_off "stop;alias demotoggle demo_on;developer 1; echo Demo recording : OFF; developer 0"

    alias demotoggle demo_on

    Bind a key to demotoggle. You will then have to enter a name for the demo (message mode at the top of the screen) and press enter to start recording. Press the key again to stop the demo.
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    this one?
    just bind a key to demorec1, hit the key once to turn the demo on, hit it again to turn it off. It will cycle through all 12 demos.
    alias demorec1 "stopsound; record demo1.dem; echo Recording demo1; bind f5 demo1off"
    alias demo1off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo1; bind f5 demorec2"
    alias demorec2 "stopsound; record demo2.dem; echo Recording demo2; bind f5 demo2off"
    alias demo2off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo2; bind f5 demorec3"
    alias demorec3 "stopsound; record demo3.dem; echo Recording demo3; bind f5 demo3off"
    alias demo3off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo3; bind f5 demorec4"
    alias demorec4 "stopsound; record demo4.dem; echo Recording demo4; bind f5 demo4off"
    alias demo4off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo4; bind f5 demorec5"

    alias demorec5 "stopsound; record demo5.dem; echo Recording demo5; bind f5 demo5off"
    alias demo5off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo5; bind f5 demorec6"
    alias demorec6 "stopsound; record demo6.dem; echo Recording demo6; bind f5 demo6off"
    alias demo6off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo6; bind f5 demorec7"
    alias demorec7 "stopsound; record demo7.dem; echo Recording demo7; bind f5 demo7off"
    alias demo7off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo7; bind f5 demorec8"
    alias demorec8 "stopsound; record demo8.dem; echo Recording demo8; bind f5 demo8off"
    alias demo8off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo8; bind f5 demorec9"

    alias demorec9 "stopsound; record demo9.dem; echo Recording demo9; bind f5 demo9off"
    alias demo9off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo9; bind f5 demorec10"
    alias demorec10 "stopsound; record demo10.dem; echo Recording demo10; bind f5 demo10off"
    alias demo10off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo10; bind f5 demorec11"
    alias demorec11 "stopsound; record demo11.dem; echo Recording demo11; bind f5 demo11off"
    alias demo11off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo11; bind f5 demorec12"
    alias demorec12 "stopsound; record demo12.dem; echo Recording demo12; bind f5 demo12off"
    alias demo12off "stopsound; stop; echo Stopped demo12; bind f5 demorec1"
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