Scripting Faq

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What is a script?
A script is a sequence of one or more commands.

What is a bind?
A bind is a command, which you use to assign a script to a key.

What is an alias?
An alias is used to give a script an easy to remember name. It saves you typing out the same thing many times and makes your scripts look neater.

Can anyone learn to script?
Yes, it is a very basic form of programming that anyone can learn to do. Search the forums for scripting tutorials, there are a few around. Search the entire forum though as most of them haven't been moved to this section yet.

How do I make a script myself?
First, create a file called ‘userconfig.cfg’ in your NS folder, this is by default located at ‘C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<your email>\half-life\ns\’. Then open this file in notepad or a similar basic text editor. You can then write your scripts in this file and use them in-game.

I want a script that can do x, y and z
Swing by my thread for script help at and I’ll do my best. Be aware though that scripts cannot be made to do absolutely everything, they cannot aim for you and they can also be quite inflexible in their use. Often it is better to use a combination of simple scripts rather than one script that does the whole thing.
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