It's Called Defense... (long)

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... and it'll win the game for YOU!
Ok, allow me to begin by saying that I mostly command. I've tried leathernecking a few times, but I've almost always got stuck with commanders that were afk. Never really had a good leatherneck experience, come to think of it...

I consider myself a pretty fair commander -- attentive, knowledgable, and reasonably efficient. I've got a decent track record -- 6 and 1 as command. So I thought I'd drop by and share what works for me.

First: And this is really important

Follow the waypoints a commander gives you. If you find that they are in an area you've got defended, don't leave. Odds are the commander is gathering a group of you together. (Or requesting that you defend the area.)

On bast, for example, I'll waypoint my soldiers to atmosphere processing and tell them to wait. Sometimes people feel it is necessary to go an explore the hive area. The heavily defended hive area. Dead marines do the team no good. confused.gif

I know a large number of you want to go and take hives back right away, but sometimes this isn't feasible. If the marines hold half the resources, and one hive, they can creep towards victory without much effort. Often I'm just waiting for resources to build so I can outfit a team to aid an assault on a hive.

Ok, so, boiled down -- stick around waypoints. Even though you may not think you are being very useful there -- you are. Don't forget, the commander is digesting the map as a whole, and may be saving for an installation at your location, or moving more troops to you.

Second:Find a buddy
How can commanders emphasise this enough? Find a friend, and follow him if you have no orders. Hopefully your buddy does. Two marines are much more difficult to kill than one. Commanders see this time and time again. Send two marines, a mission is accomplished. Send one? Be ready to see some serious chomping going on.

Also, encourage your buddies to stick together, try to keep them near their waypoints. The commander can't always watch everyone... If two marines can stick together and work in a co-ordinated fashion, the commander's job is vastly simplified.

Did I say "Never leave your buddy!" yet? No? Never leave your buddy.


If the commander is using teleportation portals, know where they all lead, and in what order. Know that if a commander lays down a waypoint, there may be a portal that leads you closer.

Don't worry about telling your commander that there are open nodes early in the game. He knows. He may even have you run past one to secure one farther down. Believe me, it's easier to take a node that is between two bases, then take one that is across the front lines.

Use the right click menu. I'm sorry, I may not not have made that obvious enough. Use the right click menu. In case you've read nothing else, read that. The commander can jump to your position and deliver orders, ammo, health, buildings, ninjas, whatever he has handy. If you type 'hp plz', he has no idea where you are. I'd love to be able to remember which marines are where, but that's beyond most of us. And don't bother asking for health on voice, your name dissapears as soon as you stop talking.

Ask me for orders. If you are idle, chilling at the base, or an outpost or anything. I rarely scope home out, because, until they get the radar fixed, it's just a mass of blue on my radar. I'm more than happy to send you a waypoint. It takes me less than a few seconds to do, and keeps you busy. Just remember to head out with a buddy.

Know how much things cost. An grenade launcher costs us 33, for example. Don't bother asking if the team only has 8 resources. Ask when we've got 100. tounge.gif

YOU ARE NOT A ONE MAN ARMY. (Unless your commander says so. biggrin.gif)

A please and a thank you go a long ways. I am much more likely to outfit my players if they are polite. I know this isn't really the style of all you leathernecks out there, but believe me, it makes everyone's experience enjoyable.

And lastly, my own personal rant to all those people out there who seem to believe that the terms g ay, homosexual, or any manifestation thereof, can be used as an insult -- I suggest you take your homophobic and biggoted **obscenity** elsewhere. You are not wanted here, and you won't get a damn thing from me if I'm in command. I don't tolerate people like you.

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    also, if you have a newbie commander who IS trying to do good...and you're an experienced mainre, then YOU can help out by grouping marines and keeping them together and attacking a hive. This way, the newbie commander can see what works and what he should do to help..instead of running off by yourselves because you think you're the best. MUST HELP NEW COMMANDERS BE THE BEST THEY CAN. They can't learn unless they see it. SOOOO, until there is a tutorial we marines who know what the heck we are doing need to help. Also, we marines who know what the heck we're doing need to smack down the newbie marines who scream for a HMG and HA all the time or who want to initiate a vote to kick a decent commander. YOU are responsible for your team too.

    This even applies to having a good commander. DON'T BE AFRAID TO LEAD FROM THE FRONT! Be a good marine and teach others the proper way to play. The commander may not see what you see, so give an order to your "squad". Believe me, the commander will thank you for it. Just don't over extend or overdo it. Do what the commander says until the commander says no more (follow orders).
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    Amen to that, brother!

    I hope all the stupid people will read this thread and begin to think "Hey! We might win if I follow these simple things!"
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    Oh my gosh..we are saved. Brother Pfhreak will show you the light. Also. If you can, organize two groups and stick with them, one to three main groups makes droping medkits and finding troops a cinch. Designate an NCO for each group to use voice comm and have them use it only unless there is something that has to be said. This makes the game better and much smoother for everyone and promotes a ranking system style of teamplay. And a full army or marines is quite the force ..they can make a huge push.
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    A little more:

    Grab weapons from fallen comrades. If you can. We payed good money for them... It's always a shame to lose a Grenade Launcher because someone didn't go pick it up.

    Also, make sure you look around the base before asking for weapons. I've noticed a disturbing tendency for players to ask for a weapon, when one is sitting right next to them. The same for jet packs and HA. I try to always spawn things in the same point, so check it before coming to me.

    Also, I like to build armories at most of my major outposts, and any place we are staging an assault from. (A practice I recommend for most commanders. 30 is a little costly, but it stops yer marines from relying on you for ammo.) Don't take ten steps and then send me a 'need ammo' message. You are more than capable of getting back to that armory. (This only applies if there's one nearby. I totally approve of need ammo messages on the whole.) I also tend to spam my players with health and ammo when they are attacking a hive. Odds are, you don't need to tell me you need ammo. When my players are attacking a hive, I know.

    Weld everything in sight. Friends, buildings, vents, aliens, puppies, whatever. The good commander has made you a welder, make it count. Most players don't know that they can be welded up to 110 armor if they are upgraded all the way. (You always spawn in with 50 armor.)

    Keeping a handyman around with a welder is also a good idea. This guy should be pretty experienced, and know how to get to places quickly. It's useful to have someone who will weld the base and outposts, and weld players who are spawning in. The handyman is not a combat man, although giving him a jetpack and shotty can be well worth the cost.

    Grenade launchers... A blessing and a curse. Before asking for one, make sure you are either experienced, or your team has LOTS of money. Firing one of these isn't the most intuitive thing, and the number of times I've seen a team member fire a nade off the wall into our own base is unbelievable. Also, remember you can reload these a lot faster by going to an armory. (Commanders, a soldier with a GL can be very effective with constant ammo drops. Better yet, get three marines with GL and constant ammo drops. If you've got some time and money, these guys can devastate everything around them.)

    Don't whine about not being able to reach a waypoint. If it is in a room, stuck to the ceiling, it's the game's fault -- not the commander's. (Well... kinda... a little of both. But don't expect a commander to have to time to find a gorgeous spot for your waypoint. When I set waypoints, I am ordering my troops to an area, (a room, or hallway for example) rather then that precise spot. So if you can't get to the waypoint exactly, don't worry, unless it's a build order, odds are the commander just wants you in the general area.

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    I wish you were my commander. sad.gif

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    Sure thing, hit me up with a good server ip via AIM, ICQ, or email. I'll drop by some time. (Just make sure them marines follow me rules ) tounge.gif
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    I wish you were my commander too!

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    Also. If you can, organize two groups and stick with them, one to three main groups makes droping medkits and finding troops a cinch.
    Exactly. Unless the Commander told you explicitly to split up, assume that he wants you together. Make sure you're in the biggest group you can be, and your odds of survival go up exponentially. Not just because you're with buddies and can concentrate firepower, but because the Commander doesn't have to go searching all over Hell's half-acre looking for you.

    I commanded a game on Nothing earlier to day, a 12x12 match. We were pushing through Powersilo, and I stopped giving orders for a minute to do some researching and upgrading. I look back, and my nice tidy marine group had decided to simply wander around. There was nobody in more than a 2 man team. So then of course the aliens used that period of confusion to take back hive locations and make me search the map looking for marines to waypoint because none of them had the foggiest idea where to go. (12x12 is way too much for a commander to handle in anything but a clan match. I'm just lucky I had a couple of veterans [T. Ali and Chunky.Salsa] who were able to keep things together while I was distracted.)

    Combine that with people joining halfway through who grab stuff at the base, and then wander off without asking where they're needed....
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    Follow the waypoints a commander gives you.

    Commanders give waypoints?!?

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    QUOTE (Alien Bob @ Nov 15 2002, 04:21 AM)

    Follow the waypoints a commander gives you.

    Commanders give waypoints?!?

    Good ones tounge.gif
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    QUOTE (Xanieth @ Nov 15 2002, 10:50 AM)
    Amen to that, brother!

    I hope all the stupid people will read this thread and begin to think "Hey! We might win if I follow these simple things!"

    But teh stuped ppl cant' teh read!!!!!1
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    Here's some more, for all you Pfhiends out there. (btw, my name is pronounced Freak. It's a call back to the Pfhor -- some of you gamers might recognize that. Especially you, Durandal biggrin.gif)

    Close and open doors for your teams. Use the fact that you can manipulate the level to your advantage. Have elevators ready for marines, close doors behind them. And best of all, crush some aliens. I know, it sounds absurd, and it almost is. But if you've got timing, and they've got a massive void for their head, you can crush aliens in doors. You can also use this tool to slow down aliens try to get into your base.

    Keep Clans together. Most likely they'll do this themselves. They know eachother much better than anyone else, use this to your advantage. These guys are sometimes almost a fire and forget group.

    I'll post more when I remember to...
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    On commanders.

    GRUNTS PAY ATTENTION. I try to do everything my comm asks,,, if they prove themselves at the begining of the match.

    Example. Today I was playing with a commander that I considered to be good. We secured 1 hive.....RC nodes along the way etc. Secured second hive. Set up next to last hive. I went in with a jetpack and welder to scout it out. Sat myself atop the hive and started welding it. I encoutnered resistance but skulks are not to difficult to deal with en mass when you can fly. Anyway, Last hive was near death, I did want to kill it.

    Commander gave me the order to back off. The reasons werent the best, he wanted to play cat and mouse, but he had proven himself to me as i had to him, so I complied.

    Well, (an hour later,,,,,lol sad.gif) We had lost control of all those hives. An hour previous I had been 5 seconds away from the destruction of the last hive.

    Im rambling. Anyway. Guys, GRUNTS like you and me. We need to listen to our chiefs. They know better than us. Well, we let them think that biggrin.gif.
    More power to them. Please. Listen to your commanders. Also if you notice a couple players that have been securing key points and working together, pay attention when they say they are under attack and need back up. ITS NOT BECAUSE THEY DONT WANT TO DIE.
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    Pretty nice information, and I agree with SGT when he says, "AMEN!" A lot of marines don't listen to their commander as much as they should. I also find them begging a lot. Don't worry, your commander will give you what you need when you need it.
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    QUOTE (Pfhreak @ Nov 15 2002, 08:45 AM)
    Here's some more, for all you Pfhiends out there. (btw, my name is pronounced Freak. It's a call back to the Pfhor -- some of you gamers might recognize that. Especially you, Durandal biggrin.gif)

    Ahhh... Marathon. What a classic. smile.gif
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