Brightness/gamma Issues (ati Related, Not Nvidia)

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The gamma is still an issue for ATi based cards, and it simply ruins my NS experiance, as my monitor is so dark, I can't enjoy the game. Any other HL based mod accepts desktop brightness changes happily, NS seems to be unique with this issue.

What exactly did you do to the display that forces it to reset? I have a hunch that it's related to the 32bit color support you added. Great game, yes, though a 'low poly' version for people with slower machines. Really, a wonderfull release, but can you do something to releave the brightness issue that many are suffering with ATi cards?


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    NS itself doesn't force a "gamma reset" as so many people attribute this problem to be. It applies overbrightening. Not many people even care about what the difference between the two is. The problem that you and some others are experiencing seems to stem from some kind of incompatibility between your video hardware and/or drivers and this overbrightening ramp. To everyone else, the overbrightening does just what it sounds like it would do, applies a tonal shift to amplify colors and brightness values while maintaining proper black levels. This is supposed to make the game brighter, never darker as it's doing on some machines.

    Unfortunately, while this tries to explain why this is happening to you, I can't hazard a guess as to how to fix this incompatibility you have.
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    Also, 32-bit color wasn't added by NS. It's part of Half-Life. However, NS is one of the few mods are worth putting it to use.
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    I'm not partiiculary concerned as to what is causing it, as it was obviously done for the greater good, I just wish there was someway to aid us in the smaller group that it's causing problems for.

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    in the meantime type "gamma 99" and "brightness 99" in console.
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