From This Moment On, More Fan Fic For Me

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<div class="IPBDescription">a return to the NSF roots</div> hokay,

as of late I really haven't been in the fan-fic forum that much, but I swung by and reading mariks post about his s & I flamethrower suggestion and his talk about how it felt to write about the NS world as a newbie made me think back to situational ethics, and how much fun it was to write that.

I need to start coming back in here more ofter, I've just started reading Gates, Moons, and Stars and I'm going to head back to the fan fic directory and pick out random stuff, I used to have the vast majority of my posts in Fan fic and now that this section has become alot more active I think I shall return more to read.

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almost forget, rob or any other moderator who stumbles upon this: it's about that time, and when thanksgiving is over the next major holiday will be christmas and that means two things
a) Christmas avatar
b) <span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>ANUAL RESTICKYING OF NIGHT BEFORE KHAARASMIS!</span>
when that time comes, be sure to make it so.


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    What did I say? 20 days before, wasn't it?

    If I don't remember, you'll have to bump it to the top on the 5th of December.
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