Rfk - Good Or Bad?



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    I'm not in a clan, so I don't know what a change like this would mean for clan play...

    RfK is good for the aliens. I think it is, as some have stated, needed for aliens to get those fades out faster. When i'm commanding and I see that same skulk racking up kills, it gives me something to fear. I know he'll be coming back as an infinetly more powerful fade soon, and will really start doing damage.

    RfK is good for marines. It's a reward for getting kills that comes back to the marine in the form of sooner upgrades and more powerful guns. Fades, lerks, and Oni can be compared to marine weapons; they each pay for themselves, sometimes many times over(assuming competence). While 5 recoverable shotguns may seem better than a skilled fade on paper, in the field the fade is a much more versatile tool.

    I'm going to disagree with some of you and say that having a global pool is MUCH better than having an individual pool of resources. 1 Small drop in the commanders bucket makes the <i>exact same</i> amount of difference that that drop would in one skulk or gorges' bucket of res. There is no advantage there. However, the commander is getting those drops from <i>all</i> of his marines. The alien is getting only the drops from the kills it makes.

    When spending resources, an alien players decision is influenced by a desire for personal glory or safety, as well as to further the team. The commander also desires personal glory which, luckily for his team, can only be gained by his team being triumphant; All of a commanders decisions will favor the team.

    One person, the commander, will forever be more efficient at spending money than a group of people. Aliens are more like a bureaucracy; innefficient.

    Personally, I feel that RfK for the marine team should be removed. There are many differences between each team, some differences favor one team over the other. I think that marine advantages outweigh all of the Alien advantages. Removing RfK for marines while keeping it for the Aliens would be a step in the right direction. Again, I have no idea what this would do to clan play. It will only improve public play.
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    IMHO i see 0-2 res for a nilla rine (lmg, armor lvl + weap lvl < 2) or any dead skulk as more than fair. i'd rather 0 for skulk, but atleast this way there's a chance for 0 with average of 1 that doesnt totally negate rfk. in my play time it's always been more an issue with aliens "feeding" marines than the other way around. it's almost petrifying to think that by running in to kill two rines building an rt you might actually be hurting your team. zero res skulks would suit me better, especially if they have no upgrades. definately would add more frentic pressure on the marines early on.

    as for rfk being about speeding the endgame, if that is so then maybe elites on both sides (alien having +2 upg and evolved, HA/JP or non-lmg nilla with weap lvl + armor lvl > 4) should give fully 5 res a pop. we're talking about the com's left hand flying around shotgunning respawners and fades who're only in long enough to put a blade in another turned back. taking down these peckerwoods really should be worth the effort. or, if you dont buy that or you <b>are</b> that peckerwood, you could be happy with the fact that a higher rfk for your head means more disruption as you get more of the enemy team to break ranks and chase you.

    so i guess if i break it down i advocate less rfk for spawn campers, more for killing the spawn campers. the rfk recieved reflecting the difficulty of the task.

    oh! and a rts that uses rfk? total annihilation. when a mech dies it leaves behind a big husk you can recycle. the closer to your base they died, the more likely you'll have someone who can recycle it safely. it would be interesting to have a similar system for ns rfk, wouldnt it? from a marine perspective, kill a skulk then walk over the body and gain a +1 to 3 in the corner of your screen. touch a res tower to transfer that to the res pool. or maybe save up for a shotgun... i dont know. if i was serious about this last part i'd move it to the proper forum =p
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    The only beef I have with RFK is with the very early fades. You should not be able to get the 2nd highest life form as early as 3 minutes into the game.
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