What Is "balance?"



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    This is a strategy game; therefore, the word "balance" should be emphasized on the strategies but never on an individual marine item or on a specific alien class. A balanced strategy game is one where no single strategy tops any other. The reason why a team wins is the adaptation of different strategies that react to situations throughout a game.

    I have seen games won by marines even when aliens had all 3 hives, and games won by aliens with only 1 hive while there are siege turrets all over the map. This proves that the game design is balanced. It's the strategies, the variables that players provide, that make some people feel unbalanced.
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    I think the problem is all the people who know what they are doing play as aliens. I can't count the number of times I have had to figure out what to do myself because no one knows how to play commander or wants to (maybe once the comm interface is made more user friendly we will get more commanders). I then come to find out that there are fades all over the place demolishing the marine outposts and falling back to massive alien bases set just around the corner to heal. We probably have some seige turrets by this time but they arent being used effectively. Usually once the fades come out I quit and go play CS until the next round.
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    Whoever was talking about the 80/20 rule you shouldent be flameing monk. He never said that any body was a noob for thinging it was unblanced. He just stated the facts to kindly show what balance really is.
    Sorry about spelling.
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