The Ville Cup

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A Casual League for North America
Hello, I am here to announce the formation of The Ville Cup - Natural Selection. What is The Ville Cup? Let me start with The Ville it's self. The Ville ( is a Half- Life community that formed about a little over 3 years ago. It began with our first TFC server, Turkeyburgerville, and soon expanded into more servers and mods. Today it runs 13 servers, spanning 5 mods, TFC, NS, DoD, TS, and HLRally.

About a year ago the DoD players formed what was originally to be a one time tournament for them, The Ville Cup. It was originally just the regulars at the servers. The tournament went well, giving the average player the chance play in a league style setup with out have the normal stress that come along with a clan playing in leagues like CAL. Here people could just grab 5 or 6 of their friends and start in the Ville Cup and not have to worry about getting destroyed by experienced clans.

Recently the idea was revived. After some heated debate, my clan, No Dice, deiced to set up a The Ville Cup - Natural Selection. As the NS part of the community is not quite big enough to support a full league within out own regulars, we have opened it to the general public so that anyone who wish to play in a casual league may get the chance. Currently we only have 1 division, though should they be needed we have made plans for 2 other division to handle the more skilled clans so that the average player and their team can still get a chance to play and win. While we are still setting up the frame work, we plan to start a test season so that we can iron out the bugs next week. This will last up to 6 weeks, and then we will start the actual league. Anyone is welcome to join and help during the test season.

Some notable features we have is "The Draft" where players who are not part of a clan or team can post to let people know they are interested. Should there ever be 8 people looking for a clan, we will work together with them to organized them into a team, when possible giving that team an experienced player to help them learn. As that we also know that not all casual clans or teams formed through the draft will have their own servers, we at The Ville have 3 NS servers, 2 of which are under the control of Admins in The Ville Cup, so teams without servers may schedule a time to use one of our 2 server (The II and The III) for their match.

If you wish to get more information, or join The Ville Cup, visit our temporary forums at


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