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    Having read this and other topics on fan fic, stories and inspiration - I think inspiration comes from anywhere and anything, the ideal is knowing the moment and recording/remembering the inspiration., and hopefully taking advantage of it.
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    Sorry if anyone mentioned him, but Ludlum (Yes, I know he isnt Sci-Fi, but bear with me wink.gif ) writes a killer storyline. The way he manages to show both sides of the story, but leave so many questions opened is masterful. If you already havent, I suggest you go and read the Covert-One series by him, its fantastic smile.gif

    His storylines are awsome, and his writing style is... well... awsome smile.gif Reading his books could really open up some more ideas for people in how to write, word and produce their stories smile.gif
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    I could go on and name hundreds of sci-fi books or authors, all with fantastic and unique ideas/ways of writing.

    This is one of my all time favorites - The Boat Of A Million Years by Poul Anderson

    But as i said, i could go on forever. The beauty of science fiction is that the only boundaries, are the limits of your imagination. Expand them, and you further the universe!
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    For some really good sci-fi about marines and war in general try

    John Ringo's
    A Hymn Before Battle
    Gust Front
    When the Devil Dances
    Hell's Faire
    The Hero

    He does good space marine action and very good writing in general.
    Good storyline, Characters and Villians
    Good stuff

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