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Creating Structures?
I need a bit of help. I have started playing around with modelling in Milkshape but I really dont like the interface as much as Max so I have started learning max which I am happy with. And now I am learning bone systems in max and using the smd exporter.

But I cant figure out how to relate anims and bones to a current qc file.

Are there any good tutorials for max which are for non standard type models? Specifically NS models like Resource Towers and Turret Factories?

I would like to modify and make my own one, but I would assume it must relate to the original QC file or the server would reject it (assuming from the hitboxes declared etc).

Please let me know if I am going in the wrong direction.

I have looked through a lot of the tutorials sections, but they are more specific to bi-peds or weapons. And I am really interested in trying objects.


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    Im starting to think the help section should be the main customization forum, and this one be the subforum. Noobs would hit the jackpot more often XD
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    Well since there wasnt too many takers to answer my question I started thinking... what the heck. I will delete all the references in the qc file and see what happens.

    Replaced my model with a teapot and exported and compiled. And this is what I got!

    user posted image

    looks pretty funny. Would be good if the steam came out of the spout!
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