Aholes + Building Damage = Hell

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A new form of crap in NS...
Well, this is a first. As COMMANDER you lay down some really nice stuff, and what happens - NSPlayer decides he doesn't like placement and destroys all of it. Nice huh. This needs to be TURNED OFF. Like now. There is no reason why this should be on and only invites the kind of bedlam we had. I had to give people welders instead of ammo just so these fools wouldnt destroy our spawns. And of course, he was one of the last ones alive.


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    public servers run in "casual mode" by default where there is no FF on. Sounds like you wound up on a "tourniment mode" server which wasn't being admined properly. Only play on these tournument servers if there are adaquite and compatant admins on most of the time.
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    Friendly fire CAN be an a-hole magnet sad.gif
    According to my experience, ff hurts marine buildings in casual mode.

    asrifle.gif turret.gif

    It's ok if Alien players utilize it, but when Marine players start to abuse
    this as a replacement for teamkilling or as a means to frustrate the
    commander so they can take the commander's place, you need either
    a new patch or a password protected server.

    The grenade launcher does ff in casual mode, too
    (as far as I can remember, so consider this unconfirmed).
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    um... no you cant hurt your own buildings and the gren doesn't do ff damage either, trust me, i love running in to a hive thats being nade spammed, just to sit in the middle of the explotions shooting skulks that spawn.
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    why is it that bile bombs do friendly fire damage while 'nades do not?
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    Wow nice question. Never realized this.
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    Bile bomb only damages the player who used it, just like grenades.
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    i think bile bomb shuld do more dmg, its just 80 i think..., its not mutch, if u have highest lvl of regenration, but i play most like lerk and do that gas, i owns! tounge.gif skulk.gif siege.gif tiny.gif biggrin.gif
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    The problem is - at least to me - I have NO idea how to tell if a server being run is TOURNAMENT or not. And there is currently again no documentation that I can find to tell these specifications about whether or not FF-Buildings is on.

    Bottom line in my opinion is that it's a thing in this game that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Giving your own team the ability to destroy your own structures just doesn't seem to me like it's the same as Teammates being able to destroy other teammates vehicles in BATTLEFIELD.
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    I think it should say the game type in the game type column confused.gif like it does for AHL. And from my experience, even when casual mode is on you can hurt your own buildings, just not other players.
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    No bilebomb damage is fine as it is. If it was to be upped it would be a huge disadvantage for the marines. I have seen enough marines getting slaughtered by fades and bilebombs. And it also has a pretty big blastradious so its just to point at the general direction of the marines and pull the trigger, and usualy you will get a marine or two.

    I acualy think the blast radious for the bile bomb should be reduced a little. As marines have to stick together to survive, and a bunch of marines standing thight together is very easy to vipe out by a fade or two.
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    I think they got rid of the 2x dmg on structures for bilebomb with out saying. Every time i have used it in v1.01 i pound a mass load of turrets and get bored run at em thinking they be weak anda couple if hits. Turns out that only a few chunks of health has gone down on em confused.gif.
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    edited November 2002
    Khaim wrote:
    um... no you cant hurt your own buildings and the gren doesn't
    do ff damage either, trust me, i love running in to a hive thats
    being nade spammed, just to sit in the middle of the explotions
    shooting skulks that spawn.

    Bug in the 1.01 listenserver casualmode?
    When I open up a 1.01 listenserver in casualmode, the marine
    buildings do take damage from friendly fire. I have been
    on 1.01 casual servers where friendly fire hurt buildings and on 1.01 casual
    servers where it did not.

    I haven't testet this with the 1.01 dedicated server. I will test this as
    soon as possible.

    All I know for sure is that the default values for a 1.01 listenserver
    allow marine buildings to be hurt by friendly fire.

    Either there's a difference between the 1.01 dedicatedserver and
    the listenserver, or there is a way to manipulate those settings
    (even in 1.01) OR your experiences still relate to 1.0 servers
    (where almost anything could be manipulated).

    Friendly Fire from Grenades etc. in 1.01 casualmode
    It's like Khaim says: The friendly fire from grenades and bile bombs only
    affects the one who fired it.
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    ARGH! I just came from a game where a lamer (I'm not going to mention names) switched from the alien team to the marine team and killed most of our base. From spawn portals to turrets, it was slaughtered. I think there should be a kick option, vote started by the commander, for the team that allows them to kick people like that. And you, you lamer, you know who you are! I'm pretty sure that it was a causual game.



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    *bump* I think LagAdder is on to something
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    Haha... I remember you, Ed.... I was on your team that game :)

    Small world :)
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    Perhaps in casual mode stuff can be damaged by friendlies if it's not built yet?

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    I think its a server option, much like the "-16 health" damage messages in red that pop up...many 1.01 servers i play have this off, some have it on, and ones that have it on are a complete and utter disaster for marines. For instance, spurtyspub 1.01...i join...this **obscenity** **obscenity** loser named [JC]Punky (wonid can be provided...just need to talk to k33l3n, he was there) was completely decimating our base as a marine, meanwhile we get our **obscenity** handed to use by unforgiving skulks (DAMN YOU iT's! tounge.gif) We really need to get these guys...get pictures and wonids and send out a blacklist to get rid of these immature players, cause i'd hate for ns to turn out like cs community ie down the f'ing toilet...
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