[wip] Meatwad And Mastershake!

menohackmenohack Join Date: 2004-02-29 Member: 26995Members
<div class="IPBDescription">:D</div> I just made a 3d model of meatwad and one of mastershake. Woohoo. Meatwad himself is pretty simple, because he's just a sphere. But master shake was a bit harder. Most of his body was pretty easy, except the hands. I made the hands insanely high poly, because i couldnt think of a way to make them less pollies and still look good.

Right now mastershake is 1600 or so polys.

I might make these into models for ns (mastershake as marine and meatwad as skulk) but first i have to correctly skin them, because i didnt make a mesh i just used several pictures for several groups.

They both took about 4 hours or so total, but thats not too bad because I'm not too good at modeling.

Note: These were made in Milkshape and i didnt bother to render them because i dont have a good renderer at the moment.

Tell me what you all think!


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