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Well it seems as the half of the community haven't noticed nerd.gif ,
but there is a League for Natural Selection (ONLY) (#ns-league @ quakenet, www.ns-league.com). It started maybe a year ago and our first Cup (Beta 4 Opening Cup) is finished. There's also a Combat 3on3 Cup running and the first Ladder might be ready to start in 4 weeks (...coding phase). We would enjoy a link on your competition website (http://compete.natural-selection.org/) very much, would be really great.

Help us making our project even more public smile.gif Thank you!


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    Thay deserve to be in there. NSL is a great league. Good admins, always HLTV and stuff. Realy good cup tahy should be listed there.
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    After many changes (also in our Staff) we think it's the right time to employ international admins. Our Admin-staff consists at the moment only of germans. So, we search an admin from every country (exept germany), they should also become a representant of the NS-Scene of their country in the NSL. The only prerequisites are 1st) speaking (good) english, 2nd) knowing the NS-Community of their country, also to get more clans actively into the NSL and 3rd) having no problem with working in a honorary capacity (without earning money).
    You can apply for the job contacting one of the Sub-Leaders (wurm and acidicX) via pm, in the IRC (#ns-league) or ICQ (ICQ# acidicX: 110179749) and via email ( wurm: [email protected] , acid: [email protected] )

    We're looking forward to a good cooperation
    the NSL admin team
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