Getting Lag In Large Areas

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<div class="IPBDescription">anything I can do?</div> Allo all,

Back yet again. This time I am remaking a map from another game. There are a few wide open areas where it lags. Ive never really run into this problem preferring to make small areas myself. Ive thought about maybe adding a few doors or something in order to section the areas off, but I dunno if that will work in all cases. Anyone have any advice to work around something like this?

PS It is a HL mod so the engine is capable of handling it but NS seems to hate it.

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    non op,
    halflife hates large areas. its a fact. the only real solutioniis to keep your R_speeds as low as you can. keep in mind doors wont help you on this as they do not block vis. your other option is hint brushes to decrease r_speeds

    hope that helps agin the only real advice i can give you is to force r_speeds to be low
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    Scaling floor, ceiling and wall textures helps in large areas, it's ugly but it helps(You can use detail textures as a workaround for some textures, but that would require the player to set r_detailtextures to 1 and have a graphics card that supports it).

    Another problem with large areas is that you can see alot of models all at once. This is a large problem for many users. Most people have descent enough graphics cards, but HL is a big CPU hog, it could offload alot of stuff to the graphics card but it's so old that they haven't. Be sure to block of areas as well as you can so that you don't see too many models at once if this is a problem.
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    run HLVIS , vis is the one that reduces lag, its needed for entmaps since they are just one huge building room <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo--> if i dont run vis, i get 8 - 25 fps on my entmap

    if i run vis i most of the time have 100
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    In large open areas using skyboxes instead of textures for walls and ceilings helps alot.
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    if its a huge map and it gets blurry at one end and stuff you might want to chance your max viewable distance under your map properties to like 999999.
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    No offense, but if you can see past 4096 units, you need to redo that part of the map.
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