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Big Cup on Release of 4.0
For the release of Natural Selection beta 4.0 which is scheduled for the April 16th, we are planning to start a NaSe Premiership. I here you ask, "What is a premiership?!" A premiership consists of three parts: qualification cups, playoffs, and a final league. Depending on the amount of clans signing up for the qualification cups, we can start one cup some time just after the release date and the following qualification cups, where most teams will be eliminated. These cups will be played in Single Elimination.
Each team has two chances which means that they can sign up to two of the qualification cups. If they did not qualify after their second try they are not allowed to try again. These cups will each have place for 16 teams and will continue until there are not enough teams anymore to start a new one.

The signup for the qualification cups already has been opened, but you have to meet certain requirements before you are able to sign up:

- You need a homepage that is up to date and contains at least a memberlist with contact options.
- You need at least seven members in your team.
- At least seven of your members must have entered their steam id in the command center.
- You need a team logo (100*100px).
- You need a contact information available in your team sheet that means an irc channel or the ICQ# of a leader or a match orga (their ICQ# have to be entered in their player sheets they will automaticly appear in the team sheet).

The first four teams of each cup will qualify for the playoffs. The teams will be mixed at random and divided into groups of four teams. Within these groups, each team will have three matches, one versus every other team in the group. The first two teams of each group will then enter a final league where they play once against each other.

For the teams that drop out during this premiership, the International 6on6 ladder will still be available to obtain a high rank for special tournaments we are planning for the future to run along side the premiership.

We are available for any feedback in the irc, #esl.nase @ qnet, via the support and in our forum. We hope for a great feedback and wish you lots of fun in this tournament. We expect it to start some weeks after the release of version 4.0.

Your ESL NaSe Admin Team

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