Hampton's Like Server

NiteowlNiteowl Join Date: 2002-09-04 Member: 1274Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor
<div class="IPBDescription">NS community needs one</div> A while ago, there was a server that was for really good players. The Hampton's - Club Gorge. It was great because all the uber leet players could find other uber leet players and soon to be uber leet players.

There is no such server, AFAIK, now. Would one of the many server ops be so inclined to start one?

Some ideas (some from the old server)
-kick/ban newbies for 30 days
-give reserve slots to the top clanners

Just a thought, it seems there is really a vacuum for this type of server in the community.



  • NiteowlNiteowl Join Date: 2002-09-04 Member: 1274Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor
    err.. nobody agrees/has the energy to take up this cause?
  • ZdroneZdrone Join Date: 2002-11-02 Member: 3914Members, Constellation
    the game itself has fallen into mediocrity.

    No updates and no information.

    Why go thru the effort to put up a server that requires much more time than a "normal" game (admining) for something that may or may not succeed?

    I'm personally waiting for "what next"
  • Leaderz0rzLeaderz0rz Join Date: 2002-11-09 Member: 7847Members
    edited April 2004
    everytime i played on the hamptons all i saw was the "top clanners" complaining to each other, and besides i rather play on a server with people i enjoy talking to/playing with (cough LM cough) also i agree with zdrone, why do somthing that takes up alot of time when they don't even fix the problems that have been in NS since the closed beta
  • BigBullBigBull Join Date: 2003-04-02 Member: 15123Members
    We do captains night over at Nsarmslab.com every friday night.

    Real expirenced.
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