Steam Workshop, could you please ?

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i used these mods from a certain site. you have to put some effort to make it work.
there is a huge community behind these mods and they are downloaded and installed several thousand times.
these ppl actually care about the game and make it better and bigger, things you guys didnt / coudlnt because of hundred unviable reasons.
would be great if youd pay some respect to these modders and open the steam workshop already, so that it gets easier to mod subnautica.
vanilla sucks, in every singleplayer game ever, subnautica is no exception.
do the right thing and have workshop going already ! you are months out of release now !


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    Ah, the Passive-aggressive king returns.

    This has already been said, but it was too perfect for situations like this to not use again
    Well, yes, you ARE entitled to give your opinion.

    It's just that others are entitled to say "Well I don't think this is a good idea because of this college paper's worth of reasons".

    Just because you have an idea doesn't mean it's a good one, and it doesn't mean the devs are obliged to listen to you if they don't think that it fits the game.

    Now I cannot and will not speak for the devs, so I won't say "I don't think they're interested in hearing about your ideas"

    And the ideas you're mentioning... They honestly don't seem to fit the tone of the game, they don't seem to serve any real purpose that's not filled by stuff that's already in the game. A lot of your suggestions seem to be like they'll be mostly busywork for the developers for stuff that I personally think is entirely unnecessary.

    Look, just... You had an idea. You shared it. Great, that's great, that's what this forum is for.

    But sometimes, when many people say "Oof, yeah, I don't like that idea" the right action is NOT to stick to your unpopular ideas and go "SCREW ALL YOU HATERS", the right action is to take a step back and ask yourself about the reasons the others gave as to why they disagree.

    Now, going from your earlier posts... You don't much care for the game as it is... Going so far as to call the devs, and I quote, "a bunch of non-gamers trying to get some money from the gaming industry," endquote.

    Maybe Subnautica isn't the game for you.

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