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I think the trouble with NS is that rounds fall out of balance too easily. More specifically, it's too difficult for a team to make a come-back.

Since there seems to be no limit on structures, once, say, Marines gain enough ground to put aliens as a team at a disadvantage (ex. deny a hive location), then Marines can simply crowd the area with tons of **obscenity**. Then slowly tower their way into the opposite team, and it's like a slow moving train wreck...

It's a similar problem to CS imo, where once a team starts winning, they get cash, while the other team is denied cash. Not only does the winning team probably have more skilled players or better teamwork to begin with, but they're also rewarded with tools to more or less rape the enemy, while the other, likley less skilled/organized team, cannot easily come back. They are denied the money, and unless a good player joins and starts kicking **obscenity**, they're **obscenity**.

Likewise, in NS, once your team is denied the resources, you cannot quickly rebuild, get weapons or evolve. The other team, in turn, benefits from more resources, which translate into better equipment or ability to evolve higher. So the team that for some reason fell into disadvantage, maybe because of lacking skill or misorganization, will be simply beat into the ground by the game economy AND the enemy players...

The good players are challanged less and less, while the bad players have to face growing difficulty... My point is that perhaps instead of **obscenity** with a species, change some things about the game overall that will make it more easy for a losing team to come back, regain lost ground, etc... maybe limit the number of structures you can build, like Tribes does with turrets, or do something about the 'slowly towering into enemy base' strategy that seems all too easy...
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