Commander Manual

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Additions always welcome
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Splitting this cause I reached IMG limits here.

Version 1.002 (If I made a mistake, for w/e reason, lemme know)
Be aware that this topic has a small horizontal scrollbar.

A comm needs:

* basic knowledge of the game NS
* knowledge of strategy
* knowledge of the CC layout

Lets start with 1 and 3. For more info read my other manuals. For now the basics in the CC layout.

user posted image This is the Command Chair (CC). ya don't need to build it @ start, its there.
user posted image Your Infantry Portal (IP) lets your rines respawn. This MUST be in the area of a CC. No IP = NO respawning rines
You need a CC to build IPs
user posted image Your ResTower (RT) gives your team resources. You use res for everything. Get as much RTs as possible.
user posted image The Armory (No short "n/s") gives ammo, sometimes medpacks. The comm can also pass out SHOTGUNS, WELDERS and MINES in its area.
A armory can be upped to a ADVANCED ARMORY. Looks the same but a comm can then also pass out HEAVY MACHINE GUNs or GRENADE LAUNCHERs.
You can also upgrade handgrenades.
Even if you do have a advanced somewhere, a normale one can NOT give GL or HMG. It can give the ammo for it though.
user posted image The armslab (n/s), gives the option to upgrade armor, weapons and catpacks. (read more below)
You can only build it if you got a armory, if you lose the lab, you lose all its upgrades till another one is build.
user posted image The Observatory (Obs) decloaks anything in range. It also gives the option to upgrade to motion tracking (MT) or phasetech (PT). You can also scan.
Read more about it below. If you lose the obs, you lose all its upgrades till you build another one. You need a armory to make one.
user posted image The prototype lab (proto) gives the option for Heavy Armor and JetPacks. You can't hand them out till you build another one, if the proto is destroyed.
You NEED a advanced armory to build it, aswell as a armslab. You can only pass out Heavy armor and jetpacks in the area of the proto.
user posted image The turret factory (TF) gives the option to place turrets. You can also upgrade it to a siege factory, which enables the option to place sieges. You can electrify (elec) a TF. If you build a TF you can also elec RTs.
user posted image A phase gate (PG) can only be build after researching phase tech (on the obs).
build 2 or more PGs and it acts as a portal to travel inbetween gates. With "use" you will go through all PGs, 1 by 1.
user posted image A turret (n/s) can only be build inrange of a TF. If the TF is gone, the turret wil seize activity.
This thing shoots anything hostile. \o/ Its rather weak though. sad-fix.gif
user posted image Siege (n/s) This must be inrange of a siege factory.
(So if your TF was destroyed, and you build another, you need to reupgrade it to siege) This will NOT attack players, but enemy structures only. But it does so with a hell of alot of power. bangbang.
Expensive thingy, shoots through walls.

The ups mentioned above:
user posted image armor1 (arm1) A up from the armslab. Upgrades armor and stays upgraded.
user posted image armor2 (arm2) kan only be upped after armor1. more armor.
user posted image armor3 (arm3) Can only be upped after armor2, even more armor.
user posted image weapons1 (dmg1 / weap1) increases dmg of all weapons, exept sieges/turrets.
user posted image weapons2 (dmg2 / weap2) more dmg, needs dmg1
user posted image weapons3 (dmg3 / weap3) even MORE dmg. needs dmg2
user posted image Jetpack (JP) Upgrades the option to pass out JetPacks.
user posted image Heavy Armor (HA) Gives the option to pass out HA.
user posted image Motion Tracking (MT). Gives circles on anything NOT visible and moving. on the map this gives dots.
Everything inrange of a enemy SC will NOT be recognised and displayed.


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    user posted image PhaseTech (PT). Gives the option to build PGs.
    user posted image Elecs. Elec your RT or TF.. Zaaap.
    user posted image Catalyst (g/a). This ups the option to hand out catpacks. Can be done without dmg or armor upgrades.
    user posted image This upgrades your armory to advanced.. YAY
    user posted image upgrade a handgrenade. When done, anyone who spawns will have a handgrenade. Will be reisued upon death and respawn only.

    And the items you can give:
    user posted image Give a rine ammo.
    user posted image Give a rine medpacks. (restores health with a x amount)
    user posted image Give your rines a catpack. This makes them temporarely shoot and run faster. ow joy. \o/
    user posted image Give a mine. ya know, place > enemy > boom.
    user posted image Welder, repear your teammates armor, or a building by firing at it from real close.
    user posted image Give your rines a shotgun (shotty)
    user posted image Heavy Machine Gun (HMG). Pump ya enemies full with bullets. Does insane dmg, has some spread. Works crap vs structures.
    user posted image Grenade Launcher (GL). Fire nades. works crap vs enemies but ownz structures. \o/
    user posted image Heavy Armor (HA). Makes rines slower and louder but gives a hell of alot of ammo. Can't be combined with JP.
    user posted image Jetpacks (JP). Lets rines fly till the bar is depleated. Reloads if you do not fly. Can not be combined with HA.
    user posted image Beacon. When isued, each rine, dead or alive, will be placed in marine start, even after you relocated base.
    user posted image Scan (ping). Scan to see whats on that location, decloaks anything, scan a object to allow inrange sieges to fire upon it.
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    ok, now the console itself. smile-fix.gif

    user posted image
    On the left is the commname and rescount.
    on the left is your map. Rood is hostile, wit your marines and blue yourself (structures) (rines could be green, my memory is crap)
    If something gets known better the dot might be replaced by a icon.
    Clicking on the small map will move your large map to that location. (overview)
    Your status menu shows what you can upgrade, and if something is upgrading.
    It also gives the option to cancel your upgrade. (put the icon for that on the lower right, its the arrow)

    The buttons all mean something. In order from left to right and up to down.
    Select menu (now visible)
    select menu obs, armslab, proto and PG.
    Select menu with ammo, medpack, catpack
    select menu with alle wapens, HA and JP.

    If there blue, you can build. If there lit, you are cliking them (see armory) if there darkblue you need to upgrade or build something.
    (example, upgrade PT for PG). If its red, you have to few res to do it.

    The button on the topright is to logout, and stop being comm. Logout the chair that is, not the game. tounge.gif

    The little man icon means "select all your rines"
    The icons next to it are squad icons. You can have a grand total of 5 squads. If you select something + duckkey + number (1 tot 5) it will become a squad.
    You can have one or more rine in one squad, by selecting them all. Or 1 one building by selecting that. I personally, prefer buildings.
    That nice pink (hey, sprites in NS are pink... really) is your large map/overview.

    A last thing.. hotkeys.. These are standard:
    qwer asdf zxcv
    Or: Each icon has a key. In the pic, RT for example has key "a" and recycle "v". you can also spam stuff like this. Like ammo. Ammo is "a". Open the second menu with ammo, catpacks en medpacks. Hold a and click the map a few times. Voile.

    ok.. so now the strategy part. YAY

    look where you want to place your IP. Now go stand infront of your cc in such a way you see that spot.. Now step in the CC. upon logout, you will be in the same spot. \o/

    Each building has a range. (green if you click the building) If you need to do anything inrange of a building, it will show that range.

    First make the IP. Place it on the EDGE of the circle. If you ever need to get out to save the day and own that skulk, you will have time to aim, fire and win before the skulk reaches you.

    Your rines should be out looking for RTs. If not, SEND EM ON THERE WAY. If they ask a RT, give em one. 1 or 2 rines should still be in base to build stuff. Put down a armory. NOT NEXT TO THE ARMORY. Last thing we need is rines dying cause they are humping the damn armory (which is bad btw) and getting telefragged. (telefrag = dying on a PG or IP cause someone else is getting though.)

    I prefer to upgrade armory on instant, but each his own tactic.

    Now make a armslab. IN A CORNER PLS. If its hard to notice, its great build. Upgrade armor1 FIRST. I even get armor2 before dmg1, but thats me. But at start you only see skulks. armor1 is 1 extra bite which gets translated in a rine alive who can pump alot more bullets in that skulk. Dmg1 does absolute NOTHING against a skulk. really NOTHING.
    Catpacks are usefull, with much fade/onos I would consider this even above dmg ups.

    Keep your rines healthy. If there usefull give them meds, ammo and catpacks. Keep a eye on ya RTs and send a rine out to build, rebuild or repair (welder). Listen to your rines (there info) and say what you are doing. (I upgrade MT now ppl)

    If you do NOT attack kharaa, they got it easy. So attack. RTs, hives. Even if its just one rine, do it.. they will check it out while you get the entire other side of the map.

    Don't forget your upgrades.

    Get PGs, this usually has priority above MT. On occation, hand out welders, mines and shotties. Lateron GLs and HMGs..

    If you got your armslab and advanced armory, build a proto. You should have atleast 3 or 4 ups on ya armslab by now. (advanced armory upgrading takes a LONG time)

    For base defense, no turrets.. MINES.. We still have beacon.

    hand out catpacks intime, siege hives. (better, place a PG , spam shotguns and perhaps HMG and GL and attack) a good shottyrush is faster then sieges and cheaper. Recycle sieges when no longer needed.

    Really, watch the damn RTs and keep upgrading.

    If kharaa have SC, build obs on your outposts and scan before rines enter a room. relocate usually aint worth it, but it can be good to build a backup CC in a outpost.
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    A few basic rules:
    keep rines healthy
    Got res? use it. (upgrade, weapons)
    If anything gets attacked, RECYCLE, exept RTs. RTs give more res if left working wink-fix.gif (do recycle unbuild RTs)
    use squads and hotkeys.
    If you have 1 RT its no prob, aslong as THEY also only have 1. Kharaa need to share resources. 1 RT through 6 man.. go calculate. 15 res in one minute, by 6... tounge.gif
    in 90% of all cases turrets are a waste of good res.

    I'll say it again, upgrade armor1 ALWAYS before dmg1. dmg1 vs skulks does NOTHING. Its 1 bullet less vs carapaced skulks. First few minutes its skulks only. So get armor, live a second bit (so 15 bullets longer), and shoot those 15 extra bullets in that skulk rather then 1 less. \o/

    Remind yourself, things which eat res fast are:
    weapons (if they keep dying with HMG and stuff)
    beacon, again and again
    RTs going down under a minute (takes a min for 15 res)

    Things I make squad:
    armory, cause it takes long to upgrade and its expensive
    obs, for fast ping. \o/
    armslab, ya won't be done upgrading soon
    proto, for the time you are upping
    de 5e, well, pick yourself.

    Advantages of buildings in hotkeys:
    upon attack it blinks red. \o/ yay
    when clicked you can select ups
    If its destroyed well.. the empty place in ya hotkeys is good to notice

    Placing buildings:
    CC: anywhere hard to reach, good to defend.
    IP: far from another IP, far from CC or wall.
    RT: well, DUH.. on a node
    armory: far from IP or CC, preferably in middle of base.
    armslab: against a wall, corner or dark place
    obs: preferably against a wall closest to the big part of the map.
    proto: corner, wall, w/e
    tf: wall, corner
    PG: NOT against a wall, a open place
    turrets: on places so you need as few as possible.
    sieges: see turrets

    That was it for now, update this later. smile-fix.gif
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    I didn't read the whole lot but if it was missed include hotkeys.
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    thats why read.
    post 2 6th paragraph. tounge.gif
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    Since you included all the pictures of the different buttons and items and things you can drop, that would also be a good way to tell everyone what everything in the game costs. For instance, lvl1 upgrades are 20 res, lvl2 30, lvl3 40. Also, you should specify that dropping a pack of mines = 4 mines maybe. Also not sure how to select all marines on map for squad grouping. Squad grouping is +duck and a slot# right?
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    nice job.
    maybe u need to introduce more on how to comm biggrin-fix.gif
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    More on how to comm? Thats why I ask for feedback. its true that I know alot more then whats in that manual, but I am planning on rewriting the old xs4all NS manuals I made like this one. pics and everything. So I have info in that 2.

    And my memory is crap basicly. sad-fix.gif reason why i might have things wrong like "you need a cc to build IP". Ok, thats true.. but with my memory it can be wrong cause I never checked.

    Also swift.. I am gona put in costs when my memory suits me enought. (I probably have to writr it all down first)

    Also on the squads. post 2, paragraph 5. \o/
    it took me a whole version to find that out cause SOMEONE, lets not call names biggrin-fix.gif, desided to put in number+>standard HL key for duck here< rather then number+duckkey. Evil, evil 1.04 manual. tounge.gif
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    This is more of how a command chair works, not really how to actually command. There are some errors, but if you want the guide to be better, take out the smilies (e.g. "\o/" and the slang terms (e.g. "yay" and "ownz").

    Overall, nice work. It just needs some touch-ups.
    user posted image
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    might just do.
    And you see I put version numbers in. I have no doubt that if I comm more again I will put more in.
    I think I will mention the FOOD principle or the chain principle aswell sometime.
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