Angry Boss owns Bell Mobility!

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And quotes Yoda at them
So this is actually a video I took at my workplace of my boss owning Bell Mobility on the phone. He doesn't get any services from them but he and his wife woke up one morning to find a Bell technician in their yard, spray painting and flagging their fence, lawn and garden to survey it for new lines or something.

He accused them of trespassing and well... see for yourself!

BTW - ALL of his phone calls to tech support or companies are along these lines. They're totally epic and we love them. We're planning to film more of these now!

If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up and share as well :)


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    I don't normally allow topics like this...but when I do, they're awesome.

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    Being a fellow Bell-hating Canadian, this was mildly funny. Then the philosopher quote hit and I lost it. Thank you.
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    lol, may the force be with him!

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