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A video i made today of natural selection 2 gameplay
A gameplay video showing both marines and alien gameplay...

Natural Selection 2 gameplay video on youtube by KevinL2k7


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    looks pretty sweet, also not half bad music

    welcome to the forums by the way! This is off topic, you might want ns2 general forum

    or something

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    Nice vid.

    Welcome to the forums.
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    I like it! Nice touch to NOT use overly much skipping and zooming and flashing effects everywhere.

    Now I want to know the source of your music.

    Welcome to the forums.
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    Cool stuff, moving to NS2 General Discussion.
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    cool video :) nice job
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    Hah i remember this game. I was that lerk on tram in the beginning.
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    QUOTE (Svenpa @ Feb 23 2012, 05:11 AM) »
    Now I want to know the source of your music.

    "Two Steps From Hell" is the creator of this music. "Archangel" , "Strength of a thousand men" , and "Wrath of Sea"

    Also, thanks for liking it :)
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