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Requires Firefox and Stylish-plugin
Hi guys, I had a flash-course and I got bored, so I started working on a custom theme for these forums and thought I'd share.
I've always liked the colour-theme and general feel of the NS1 forums and hopefully some of you feel the same.
I made the effort to mash in some of Cory's awesome conceptart as well to improve on the old background.
There's a few problems here and there (the "Attachments" that's underneath the area you write your post in shows the background) but it's pretty minor I think. If there's anything major send a reply here stating the problem.


Requires Stylish-plugin or Greasemonkey for Firefox
Download: Natural Selection 2 forums - Kharaa themed Stylish-theme

QUOTE (PseudoKnight @ Mar 11 2010, 06:43 AM) »
This doesn't require Firefox. In fact, the site shows you how to install user styles on all major browsers. It doesn't even require the stylish add-on if you're using Firefox. You can use Greasemonkey as well.

So there are other ways to use it on other browsers, didn't know that myself so I'm quoting his comment here.


  • Gave the top-buttons some veins, just update the stylish-code and they should show.
  • Added a decoration to the footer on the front-page ^^
  • Made some color-corrections on the "View User" pop-up menu.
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