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  • Xbox PDA library not working

    I think I saw this elsewhere but I wanted to post again anyways to see if its being worked on? Its a bug that has been annoying me since the beginning of this year. I cannot scroll down all the way in the library on my PDA. It scrolls down to the bottom of the PDA and then become invisible as I continue to scroll down... It is pretty annoying. Because I have scanned a lot, I cannot catch up on reading what I have downloaded in the secret precursor facility because I cannot find it. It will not scroll down.
  • Re: MAJOR ISSUE (Save Bug)

    happened to me just now. less than 5 hours into it,
  • Base building- unique to Subnautica?

    I must admit- my favorite thing about Subnautica is being able to build bases. Not not just a home, but functional bases that help me progress the game or unlock new tools, etc.

    I was trying to think of other games that have similar functional base building mechanics and I am hard pressed to find any. Xcom comes to mind, but it is not the same. Games like Rust or other MMO survival games have base building, but it can get frustrating or overwhelming.

    Specifically- any other singleplayer games with functional base building that helps you progress in game or build new items? The base building in Subnautica seems rather unique and revolutionary to me. Maybe it is because it is underwater or maybe its the art, I dunno- just seems special.
  • Re: Subnautica Xbox Save/Load Issues - Subnautica

    I had a nice workaround to the problem until this patch. Before if the word "saving" stayed for more than 5 mins, I would wait for it to disappear and quickly try to save again- this time the word "saving" disappeared after 30 secs. If I did this, I would be able to safely load each time. Last night- no such luck. None of my saves load. I have reinstalled the game and even deleted save data and reinstalled save data. Hard to take a screenshot like we are asked if we can't load the game. I'm honestly surprised devs cannot reproduce this issue when they have already posted a screenshot of the save data loading error on their website. I think I'll hold off playing until this issue is addressed. Otherwise, great game. Other bugs I can deal with but this is a game breaker.
  • Different colors/shapes for limestone, sandstone, shale, and basalt rocks

    Title says it all. I get frustrated finding limestone when I need sandstone or basalt when I want shale. I want to be able to tell at a glance what the rock is. Just a thought.