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  • Instead of just uninstalling the game itself. Also delete the tiny kB files for your profile and subnautica itself. They will be created again when you start a new game. The only sour thing is, it will delete all the things you have done on the old …
  • Runs mostly fine for me. Only a noticable framerate slowdown after some hours playing. Stuff like animals, scannable items, game objects like the upg module for the Cyclops inside Auroras enigne room, and such suddenly disappear. Then the game freez…
    in so slow Comment by Norulv July 2016
  • One possible way. But in the same universe as Subnautica are set in. Totally fine by me if there could be a Subnautica 2, set on the same planet with different missions, problems and goals.
  • I dont know if its a bug or glitch or something. But around Aurora theres no life, no fragments for seamoth etc, nothing. And in the reactor room at the console theres no power effiency upg module for the Cyclops to be found either. Am I missing thi…
    in Bugs On Xbox Comment by Norulv July 2016
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    I do agree with you on some points of course. Noone should blindly defend or attack any part. Hypotheticaly, I surely would try to communicate as rational and as sensible I could if someone had some critism to a game I developed bu…
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    Yeah its kinda similar to what I described above, but due to me trying to use the mobile vehicle bay. Theres sounds in the background though, so the game is kinda running somehow.
  • Try delete the reserved storage space for Subnautica itself and the one for your xbox profile. Those two should be listed just to the right of the uninstall option for the game itself. Dont worry about deleting them, they will be created again autom…
  • @Rooks_Nemesis

    Save/ load issue for sure and improved framerate and some other goodies as I remember.

    Oh. Another buggy... I crafted the mobi…
  • I have noticed some good things about the patch also. In my experience at least.

    - No more odd looping sounds with "tsssz", "bloops" and noises from animals that werent around me at all. At least for now. NOPE! Still hearing out of place …
  • The game is much better with the current patch. But found some oddities still :D
    I found a graphical "hole" in the terrain in th…
  • They do care about the Xbox version aswell. Its their first game on a console. Theres some kinks they have to get rid of in the preview version so it takes a bit longer time.
    Because they HAD to take the chance M$ gave them. That or they might…
  • Yeah congrats! Think I forgot to say that.
    Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see what you have in store for the game after release.

  • Whoa! Thats one rampant Koosh bush!
  • (Quote)
    Its just changed. You can change it in the options menu under controller.

    Im sure you know, but Im listing the layout below anyway, just in case in Update for Xbox one on 07/08/16 problems Comment by Norulv July 2016
  • Good to know.

    Still..How odd that MS have no problem. Hope they are telling the truth.

    Also. You guys are doing a great job, totally understandable that you have some truggles, especially since its your first console release.…
  • Same here. Bubbling and sizzling sounds that persist with different intervals. Cannot load the new game I saved either.
  • I got a few issues but have the eyes open for more.

    First off. I didnt delete my old save. Overwrited with my new save on the old Survival file slot.
    I deleted the game and installed it right after and got the update. Before that I…
    in Bugs On Xbox Comment by Norulv July 2016
  • I deleted the game and installed it right after and got the update. Before that I "hard" reset my XB1 by using the power button on it.
    Got the odd blooping, bubbling sound combined with some "tzz" sounds aswell. Started around/ inside the life…
  • I can totally understand that they remove the Terraformer. Its just odd that there dosent seem to be a compromise on how much you should be able to "terraform"
    I dont quite understand why it should stand in the way of the Rock Puncher.
  • Hmm, for a variation/ sub species etc. They could go for one thats lives a layer deeper but looks different, though the overall shape are close enough so you know its a Reaper variant.

    The Reaper Leviathan we have now

    White p…
  • 1: I guess thats a possibility. I havent explored the deepest part of the playable area, like the lost river, lava biomes and such. Another possibilities is that the planet crust are like Earths but thicker overall. What Im trying to say is that: Ea…
  • Nice tips there, gotta try them :)