Ati Video Card Install Help...

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<div class="IPBDescription">Radeon 9600 SE</div> Alright, this was one of my gifts for the holiday. I can plug it in with no problem, but before I can install the drivers. My pc says something about installing default VGA drivers. I do so, and run the ATi intsall again and I get the same problem with VGA drivers.

I had a techy friend claim that my Nvidia drivers are conflicting and it's best just to reformat pc and then put it on. Should I do that or is there another way? I really don't want to transfer or burn a bunch of my files onto Cd. Mostly my music concerns me and some of my adult reading and images. =P


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    i got the same card for christmas. i go to install drivers, i get the same error. just go to <a href='' target='_blank'></a> and get the driver there. works like a dream

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    I have the drivers on a CD that came with the video card. It's just that Nvidia conflicts the ATi. I think I can just remove the NVidia Drivers and put in the ATi Drivers.
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