Radeon9800pro Very Low Fps

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Problems need help please =/
Greetings i just brought this Radeon9800 Pro Extreme (gexcube) well anyways i get REALLY low FPS playing NS! it runs fine b4 i get of spectate and get a hud for some weird reason, my friend has a radeon9800 PRO runs it exactly how irun it and gets the same problem.. so it not just not be me.. well anyways it kills me to stop playing NS. i'm using Cat drivers 3.9 been told to use Omega3.9 tried em.. did nothing also told to use 3.2, tried it. no improvements also i used to get 100always in NS with my Geforce4!! it's really **** me off! i need help =) and if anyone got any ideas i run it in 1024x768 res OpenGL no improvements with D3D just crappier..!!!! also got max_fps 100 (i know what i'm doing)

i've formated.. fresh windowsxp
Tried Omega3.9/ATI3.9/ATI3.2 Cat Drivers

i get a 3Dmark03 1.4.0 score 5300!< any ideas???


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