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Server fine then lags ?
Hi, i sometimes host a server on my PC when its not on.

It'll run fine for about 20mins then all of sudden lag REALLY bad.

Is it a bandwidth problem or is it just a computer problem?

I have Blueyonder 512k.

AMD Athlon 2400+ xp
725mb of RAM (something like that... its one 512mb and one 256mb chip. CBA to do math)

Like i said, is it my connection? If so, why doesnt it lag all the time? Or is it my PC spec (and the fact that i havent tweaked it or anything for server use)


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    To start, what is your upload speed, and what type of connection? (Cable, DSL)
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    Cable and 256kb.

    Now i thought thats pretty low and thats probably it, but why would it do it half way through a match then and not at the start?
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    A question easily answered.

    At 256 kbps upload, ur server can hold 8-10 people. Definitely NOT more than 10 people (cuz my 128 k server could only hold 5 people MAX) ... so do the math smile.gif

    Anyways, why does ur server start lagging midgame?


    Turret farms and lots of people shooting, devouring, biting, and blowing up taxes your server to the extreme.

    You need to get a rate management plugin that restricts the transfer rate to and from the clients, you need to get rid of ALL extraneous plugins, and you MIGHT want to get a plugin that limits the number of turrets per tfac or the number of OC's in general. That will go a long way in helping your server.

    If you tweak your server PERFECTLY and if you totally dedicate your 256 k upload JUST for NS, you MIGHT be able to get lag-free games of 9 to 10 players tops

    good luck!
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    Screen saver?
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