Seiges Cause A Crash

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Hi All,

I've recently set up a server for people who are just starting to come and practice and there's a couple of us who are teaching them how to play. I've ran into the same problem now three times. The server runs great until a seige siege.gif gun is built and it starts firing. That's when it locks up and I have to restart the server.

Any ideas?


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    Multiple Sieges, Turrets or Mines have crashed almost all servers at one time or another. Is it just 1 Siege or alot?

    Whats your server specs.?
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    Well it's normally been with 2 or 3 seiges and it only happens when they fire. I am using Which Bot. MY server specs are

    CPU: AMD Athlon 2100+
    Ram: 1 gig PC 2700
    DSL: 640k up-down
    Players: 12 (half bots)

    It's happened with one person connected or with up to 4
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    QUOTE (Taz @ Sep 20 2003, 02:04 AM)
    I am using Which Bot.

    The obvious question is: does it still crash with WhichBot disabled?

    It's important to mention any non-standard configuration when seeking help. Often, the source of a problem is in those very changes.
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    Whichbot, as much as I enjoy it, causes my Win32 server to not only crash, but freeze my computer (yes I have .70 version installed). I would suggest removing Whichbot and see if it still crashes (sieges shouldnt crash it, unless they're part of a large turret farm).
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