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I'm posting this on behalf of Daniel Sassone:


On behalf of Pixel Gaming, i would like to invite all Australian and New Zealand clans to participate in The Pixel Gaming Natural Selection Competition.

Pixel Gaming Natural Selection Competition

Pixel Gaming is hosting and running a natural-selection competition open to everyone that plays the great HL Mod!! We look forward to seeing your clan compete, all you have to do is click on Register and sign your clan up to the competition where you will be placed into one of several competition groups. The teams will be randomly alocated into the groups so there will and wont be any arguing about who you are placed with in your group!!

The competition will be played out in a point system, but as you progress to the finals it will be knock-out. The team who places 1st in Group A will play the team that places 2nd in Group B, and so on. So read the competiton rules before you sign up to find out everything. If you think something should be changed in the rules post it on the Forum.

The games shall begin once everything is organised and everyone is signed up, once the matches begin there cannot be any more clan entries so be quick to sign up to see which of you can place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the PGNSC.

Charlie Cleveland
Game Director, Unknown Worlds Entertainment


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    yeah hybrid... the best of the NZ and Aus players... how the heck are we sposed to beat you guys lol? confused.gif

    Ah well, my first match in this tourny tomorrow... biggrin.gif

    This is gonna rock...
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    the winners will be iL.
    Look at our draw. Basically the only challenging match with be the Grand Final against HYB

    Clickeh to see more about iL

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