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Looking for NS Stories?
I figure it's about time to make a thread (a web site would be better...maybe later) to get all the NS Fan-Fics in one place. If you've got one, reply with the appropriate info, and I'll throw it onto the list.

Also, if you need a place to put your story that's a bit more permanent, I'd be glad to put it on
Wayward Warriors (Yuck). Just drop me an email:

On with the stories:

Completed Stories
-38 Minutes - rob6264
-A Friend (Site, Thread) - .:|AMAS|:. kyliegirl
-The After Math Of Space Vessel 343 - 343_guilty_spark
-Bigger Faster - -Lucid_Reality-
-Coresspondance - BadKarma
-An Excerpt From the Logs of the TSA Warspite - Jaeger
-Extending the Frontier - Parhelion
-How? When? Where? Why? - nooby
-I wrote this in tribute to Flayra and Co. - nooby
-It Came About Because - nooby
-The Life of a Kharaa - alitorious
-The Lone Gunner - P-Khan
-Me and My Parasite - lolfighter
-NS Roleplay 1 - NS FF Community
-The Onos - lolfighter
-Outpost 113 - Majin
-Sshould I Sshouldn't I - nooby
-Strange Thought - nooby
-Situation Ethics - That Annoying Kid
-Strange Happenings? - nooby
-Tiphra - Sakura
-'Twas the Night Before Kharaasmas - NinjaBurger
-Unknown Enemy: Uncertain Outcome - rob6264
-Vulture Squad - Spacer
-The Venus Incident - NemesisZero
-Yet Another Tale of A Marine - Thardin
O-The Ways of The New
O-Assualt Upon Ironrock Fortress
<Your Story Here>

Stories in Progress
-Ancient Tales - nooby
-The Behemoth - Fire Eel
-Cataclysm - Spinviper
-Cold-Steel - h20
-Dark Harbinger - Ratfire
-Desert Planet - P-Khan
-The Devoured - Macguyvok
-Ferai - Beast
-Forsaken Revision Chapter(1)- eediot
-Forsaken Chapter (1) - eediot
-Gates, Moons, and Stars - Ryo-Ohki
-The Genesis - Foxtrot_Uniform
-Hera - Foxtrot_Uniform
-Into the Depths of Hell (Thread;Compiled) - NS FF Community
-Kharaa? - nooby
-Lerks - -=129th lerk airborne division=-
-The Melded Planet - nooby
-MONSTER - DeepShadows (AKA Edan Koch)
-NS File Script NS FF Community
-NS Roleplay 2 - NS FF Community
-NS Top Ten Lists - NS FF Community
-Oraeknor - nooby
-The Psi Corps: The TSA's New Secret Weapons - xKrazYx
-Rouge Platoon Chapter (1, 2, 3, 4, Sneak Peak) - Venmoch
-Scientific Documents (agentx5):
O-How Xenocide Works
O-How OCs Work
O-How Regen, Metabolism, Taxonomy, Etc Work
-Single Player NS Back Story - Eric (TheBetrayed) Zachary
-Survival of the Fittest - TommyVercetti
-Time Will Tell - erendor
Twins Part (1, 2) - nooby
-USS Stalwart - Delta|Cpt.Terran
-Zinj - BadKarma
<Your Story Here>

Map Backstories
-ns_Altair Backstory - KungFuDiscoMonkey
-ns_caged Official Backstory - Nelson 'manah' Ferryman
-ns_hydrosity Official Backstory - PS_Mouse
-ns_nothing Official Backstory - Ken 'Ken20Banks' Banks
-ns_origin Official Backstory - Cadaver
-ns_overrun Backstory - [GGG]Wolfman
-Solace: ns_solace Official Backstory - Crispy
-co_vert Official Backstory - duckfoot
<Your Story Here>

Off Topic
-Ex Genesis - Coil
-The Nombliz Story - Nomble
-Point Twelve - Lumberjack Wannabe
<Your Story Here>

NOTE: this thread is not designed for people to post stories, only LINKS to stories. Posting a story here may get it deleted, and worse yet, no one will read it. So, it's not a good idea, really.

Remember, just reply with your story info (URL and name; could be a forum topic for URL) to get it on the list.

To post your story's URL, load up the page or thread that contains it, and highlight the text in the Address bar on your browser (it should look something like this: ) and right click, then select "copy." Now, in your reply to this thread, click the "http://" button and in the box that comes up, right click in the text field and select "paste." This will paste the URL to your story, so then hit OK. The next box that pops up asks you for what the text of the link should be, type in your story's name and hit okay again. There, now you've got a link pasted into the reply.
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