Leviathan Skulls (Below Zero)

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Spoiler Warning for Below Zero!!!

I'd love to have skulls of the leviathans you killed, just like marge did (I know, she didn't kill the reaper) but she did use a Chelicerate part for her modified P.R.A.W.N. Maybe this could be added as a feature? This would really be a cool decoration idea, especially if you have killed multiple (like me). And if this does get added, I would be interested on how it would be harvested, maybe with a prawn drill arm you could drill the flesh away to obtain the skull?



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    edited February 19
    Great suggestion! We should be able to collect 'souvenirs' from adventures to hang proudly on the walls of the base.
    I really liked the posters and portraits as options to customize mine, for ex.
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    it conflicts with the avoid the big guys theme of the game the devs don't want you to murder everyone.... also she killed the reaper check the PDA's around her base?
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    This would be cool as hell! Right now any bases I build look bland and synthetic. This could make them way better^
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