One last gasp about multiplayer

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First things first: I KNOW ABOUT THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, that’s not what this thread is about. Ok, now that that’s about of the way...

Hi, I’m Carnaxus (formerly Spawn of Chaos). I randomly decided to look up whether Subnautica has MP or not and, of course, found multiple results quoting the official announcement. However, and I’m sure most of you are aware of this, there is a multiplayer/co-op mod. I’d like to suggest to the Unknown Worlds team that they consider talking with the guy behind that mod about maybe working together to streamline things, since he’s already got a working prototype.

Just my 2¢.

Please do explain your votes 👍

Edit: Side note: I just looked through my forum post history and all I can say is don’t ever do that when it’s been almost ten years since your last logon...
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One last gasp about multiplayer 7 votes

I agree
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I disagree


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    I agree
    I love it when officals work together with the fans like the dude that made the Aether mod for Minecraft and now works at the cave update..... there are so many fan projects that have offical potentical and I want to see these..... (one thing we're still missing is crossovers... the fans have great ideas.... Subnautica X Raft would be a funny idea....)
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