Seamoth disappearance bug ): ???

IhavedeppresionIhavedeppresion Join Date: 2020-06-15 Member: 261869Members
Just gone to the Lost River at the Ghost Leviathan eggs tree,let my Seamoth UPPER the maximum depth ( 896 M out of 900 M ) and i got under that fog to get Nickle Ores or at least some materials . I didn't heard any explosion or something that may confirm that somehow he moved or was moved and received too much hull damage and be destroyed . When i got out,it was gone,just gone.......Good luck for me to get from 800 M to the surface with a high capacity tank ...... Also i looked at the markers on the PDA and the Seamoth marker just disappeared ........ Looked under me and near to see if there are any Seamoth parts that showed it was destroyed,nothing . Well i needed to reload my last save....31 minutes before ): Well,hope that will NOT happen again,hopefully .

- The guy with the missing Seamoth ): That recovered it when reloaded save (:


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    Hi there. Are you playing on the Steam experimental beta?
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    Obraxis wrote: »
    Hi there. Are you playing on the Steam experimental beta?

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    I have a very similar issue. I went down to the lava river and left my Seamoth at 896m on a ledge. I had a base module near the bottom and I had saved the game after doing some searching of the bottom. When I loaded the game the following day I exited the module and swam back up to my Seamoth. It was 20 meters inside the rock and completely inaccessible. I reloaded the game, thinking it was a glitch, and had the same result.
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    Hello, I've parked my Seamoth near beach with the alien cannon. I went exploring and came back to find it buried in the sand. I can see the little lever on the back of it and it makes a metal clanging sound when I walk through where it should be, but I can't see it or interact with it, and most importantly, I can't get in it. My game has been updated to v. 1.10 on PS4, please advise with a timeline for the bug fix. Thanks!
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