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    I'm not terribly enamored of Steam lately. Try and get ahold of their customer service. Besides the web ticket. Apparently a single, hidden phone number?

    There IS no contact besides that. No chat, no email, no nothing. Just a web ticket and secret phone number. Don't like it? Too bad. And the number is via google search, they don't put it anywhere. Not sure if it's even worth using.
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    That's a solid argument. Do the competitors( Gog, Origin, Epic, etc) have better service? Move your new purchases elsewhere.

    On the positive side, I haven't had many problems that needed service( the only recent one was due to a filtering router, not their fault at all).
    Subnautica stuff:
    How to clear your Cache, by 0x6A7232.
    How to use console commands.
    Stuck, and just want to most recent base/Cyclops? Use "Warpme" command. Want to get out of the ceiling? Press F1 and note your camera postion. First number is North/South, second number is up/down, and third is East/West. Reduce the 2nd number by 10, then use "warp x y z" (where x, y, and z are the position you want to be).
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