[Below Zero] Bug with snow helmet

v497_vesperv497_vesper Members Join Date: 2016-08-21 Member: 221558Posts: 91 Advanced user
edited August 2019 in Subnautica Bug Reporting
Build Version:- Aug-2019 17313
Platform:- Windows 10 Steam Platform
Date:- 04/08/2019
time:- 21:38

After making the Snow Suit in creative and putting it; on the mask overlay for the helmet is mismatched to the player's face, so I see the border of the mask but around that you see the environment through the border of the mask piece on the player, It is not a high priority to get this fixed though i'd much rather the major bugs get done first

Steps made to reproduce the bug:-

made a second save in creative and made the snow suit, still the same bug


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