Degasi Crashed in the Dead Zone

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I have a theory. If you look at the facts, it starts to make a lot of sense.

1. As we see in the Cinematic Trailer, the Degasi did not just burn up in the atmosphere. It actually crash landed onto the planet itself.

2. We can not see the wreck. The Aurora is a huge part of the Subnautica map. The Degasi probably wasn't as big as the Aurora, but it was still really big. On the map, you are unable to find any remains of the Degasi ship.

3. In the Degasi Voice Log #1, Marguerit says "nothing left of the ship" this implys there was barely any wreckage of the Degasi on the volcanic crator, seeing how big there base on the island really was. If this was the case, the ship probably crashed very far out, and as we know the crator is very far away from any other land.


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