XXL Multipurpose room, Giant Aquarium and 45° corridor and construction



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    Wait? "Badly textured floor"? The floor looks brilliant! And so does the room, really.
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    Can I ask what you use to model these things?
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    I had an idea to increase the size of the MR by adding a new corner Bubble Window. Imagine the standard glass window as the base side of a triangle - the Bubble window would be that triangle, extending the room with a bubble window at the apex. Here's my super-duper profressional rendering of the concept:


    This would give a little bit of extra room and wall space, without sacrificing a window. Adding four of these to an MR would make it more square, breaking up the monotony of bubble shapes.
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    would like to see this, but probably after v1.0. there's just too much to do before the devs can get around to something like this. A possible "builders expansion" or something after 1.0 could include this and other structures.
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    Awesome ideas, I support them all :D
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    The 45 connections need to happen. Ideally, they should also somehow implement sloped connections. It would be awesome to be able to build a base in uneven terrain without having to lift it all 20m in the "air".

    I like the bigger room too.

    definitely a huge fan of the command center idea. Especially the design shown here.
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    I like both ideas, the 45° corridor and the XXL MPR. :)
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    More base options in general would be great. I feel now the base building part of the game is lacking.
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    I think that 45 degree corridors and such are both possible and relatively easy to implement, as well as just a plain awesome idea.

    And an XXL multipurpose room? Don't mind if i do.
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    Dear friend, you seem to have read my thoughts. I love to grow eggs in aquariums and build a multipurpose room for every single species - it's just awful. 4 aquariums in 1 large room - it will be awesome. If it all works out. And one huge aquarium is suitable for growing ... well, in the order of imagination ... eggs of leviathan? And And preferably more space for underwater plants. They are really very few.
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    Giant MP room gets all my yes :D
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    I think a good way to implement these ideas is to open up the Aurora more and add some base sections and armory.
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    I totally missed this great tread regarding corridors before posting mine so I'll add my post it here too, because it is not exactly the same cases of the ones quoted in this thread:

    I suggest to add some various angles tunnel parts for making our homes less square grid based.

    (Ref. Jacques Rougerie (1973) Architect )

    A. Diagonal connector between 2 habitats (actually only the hatch can use diagonal habitat side) with an habitats configuration like in the picture.

    B. tri-connector compartment that can be placed between other compartments or on habitat walls, for triangle and hexagonal grid bases (but could eventually request triangle and hexagonal foundations, not sure)

    Remarks: With the actual building system it is impossible to build some big structures close to each others without a huge space between them, even if it still a decent space with no collision (for habitats, scanner room, moonpool, ...).
    It could be more interesting to reduce their large restricted building area to their model size for more possibilities.

    Regarding the XXL MP room this very old project has a great exemple too.

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    @Obraxis You seeing this? (Btw I'm new, if you don't like to be tagged tell me)
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    edited November 2017
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    Wait and see
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    Even with the regular MP room (and not to mention the proposed XXL MP room), they're just too big to use without there being a lot of wasted space, so why not add walls windows and doorways that would divide the rooms up (plus there is a gridlike pattern in place which would be good for locations for snap points).
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    I found this. Domes! CGbbqGcUQAATfQ2.jpg
    yes yes yes
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    0x6A7232 wrote: »
    There should be a control room that allows you to turn devices on and off, remotely open/close bulkheads, and other stuff. Plus a command chair would be really cool, but now I'm just rambling...

    Someone made this.. hang on.

    It were @NepsterCZ - here:
    NepsterCZ wrote: »
    Hi guys.

    I thought Ill share my concept for the "Command module" that was suggested not only on this forum, but on reddit as well. (You can click for Hi-Res image)


    Maybe you are asking, what would a function of this module be? Well, aside from a badass resting place when you wanna feel like a base commander, I imagine it could include radio (so we don't have to build one on the wall for the rare messages we receive). It could reduce light to red (similar to Cyclops "silent running) or turning light completely off. And displaying damaged parts of your base (or connected vehicles) on the holographic table.

    • Damage control hologram table, displaying damaged sections/vehicles
    • Radio
    • Light control
    • 4x Expansion slots for Windows or Rienforcements

    • 2x Titanium Ingot
    • 2x Computer Chip
    • 3x Enamled Glass

    New voice lines
    • "Captain on the deck" - When entering the Command module (On X minute cooldown, so you don't get spammed if you enter/exit in short time)
    • "Emergency lights" - When switching lights from full power to "emergency red".
    • "Lights ON" - When returning from emergency lights.

    I originally invisioned this module only placabe on top of another, with glass dome like in this concept art:


    But I made few renders with/without and in stack of baserooms. Im not sure why but I just can't get behind the glass dome, presumably because my awful modeling skills (my apologies to the concept artist who's awesome concept I butchered).
    So here are few "concept" render I made. Just so you can form your own opinions:


    Objective criticism is always welcome, Thank you for Your time.

    NepsterCZ wrote: »
    More updates. "Version 3.0". I have added partial glass floor as suggested @scifiwriterguy and 3 ladder connection points as suggested by @EvilSmoo. Hologram table also got some cables running from it, adding some details to otherwise very badly textured floor. Table now also displays prototype Draconis submarine. As always, you can click on the image for full 1920x1920 resolution.


    I love it, we need it, plus a docking bay could connect displaying the damage of whatever is there
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    I really really like the idea of the command center. There was another post here about central power managment and that could tie in really well with the CC. Heres hoping it gets implemanted
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    It's been 2 yrs since everyone here presented a brighter idea for Subnautica..., although, did unknown worlds replied or modified anything from these requests ? LOL ...very humiliating
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    I want to support the idea of 45° corridors - it would be really helpful and great option for building more complex bases. And giant aquarium sounds amazing! Since we'll get large room, I think it's really possible idea.. :)
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    I like the comand module idea its just what kind of voice would it have. One like the cyclops, the seamoth, or the Neptune
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    And I really like the XXL mpr and large aquarium i like to use the conainment units alot to get up and dow i use the same one for a iland base that had two haches on the serface and one under and i didn't get to finish a bridge that i was building that led to ither the base or the lidepod 5
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    Liking these ideas, have wondered why there was no 45 degree connectors ever since I started playing.

    As for the large room and Aquarium.......was just looking at the Moonpool and thinking...."this could work without too much adjustment"....

    Unfortunately I could not "mod" myself out of a wet paper bag........but maybe someone could?



    Edit: Forgot to add that a docking module of some sort for the Cyclops would be REALLY nice.......I mean who swims to their sub in 2678......or whatever year it actually is...... :p
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